Best Bites Dental Care Edition for Feline and Canine Teeth

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Best Bites Dental Care Edition for Feline and Canine Teeth

Pet dental health is just as important as that of human dental health. Though dogs and cats don’t floss, brush or swish mouthwash around every night before bed, their oral health care regimen is an important component of keeping them happy and healthy.

According to Dr. Alison Birken, DVM and owner or Victoria Park Animal Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, FL, “nearly 85% of all of the pets [she sees] have periodontal disease.” The American Veterinary Dental College defines periodontal disease as inflammation of the gums and loss of bone or soft tissue around the teeth. Though bad breath is the only obvious symptom, regular dog and cat dental care and prevention will decrease the risks faced by your pet in the future.

Dr. Birken goes on to explain that “Poor dental health can result in heart disease, an increased risk of cancer and diabetes, pancreatic disease, and other serious pet health issues.” Because cat and dog dental care is so important, how can we promote wellness and health besides brushing regularly and in between professional dental cleaning?

The key to prevention is starting pets early on a dog and cat dental care regimen. From puppies and kittens to adult dogs and cats, our pets should get comfortable with having pet parents, vets or groomers near their mouths and with having their teeth brushed in general. By ending the experience on a positive note, such as offering a low-sugar treat and lots of loving, they will get used to the feeling and routine in no time.

Though regularly brushing canine teeth and cat teeth is the best way to promote dental health, dog dental chews and cat dental treats are a great supplement and can be a vital component in reaching those hard to clean places. Check out some of our most popular dental chews for canine teeth and cat teeth.

dog dental chews

Greenies regular dental treats are canine favorites, and we love them too! These healthy dog treats help prevent gum disease and control plaque and tartar buildup in order to maintain your dog’s teeth and gums. No wonder they are the #1 vet recommended dental chews for dogs. One chew a day is all that it takes to decrease the risk of periodontal disease.

If you are looking for a grain-free option, check out Dr. Lyons’ Grain-Free dental treats, which help clean your pup’s teeth while keeping his fresh breath. These mint-flavored dental dog treats have a unique shape and texture that’s designed to clean teeth as well as target plaque and tartar buildup. They come in several different sizes to fit the teeniest mouths up to the huge chompers.

cat dental treats

For cats, Greenies Feline Catnip Flavor dental cat treats are proven to reduce tartar buildup. These cat treats clean teeth and freshen breath while providing an enticing catnip flavor. These cat dental treats are free of natural flavors, preservatives and are a low calorie treat; they will keep your cat’s teeth clean without having to worry about his weight.

cat dental treats

For those felines with a preference for seafood, Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch lobster & scallop cat treats will surely satisfy cravings. The omega-6 fatty acids and high protein levels will ensure that he is getting the necessary nutrients he needs without the compromised quality of artificial ingredients.

Whichever products you choose to suit your pet’s lifestyle, starting him on a regular dental health plan early is vital to his well-being. By incorporating a preventative dog or cat dental care routine into your busy schedule early on, you can help avoid the discomfort, pet health issues and costly vet visits that come with poor oral hygiene in the future.

Check out our variety of dog and cat dental care treats and chews today!


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