8 Functional and Fashionable Dog Car Seat Covers to Protect Your Ride

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Dog in back seat of car with dog seat cover
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8 Functional and Fashionable Dog Car Seat Covers to Protect Your Ride

We love taking our furry best friends along for car rides and road trips, but cleaning up muddy paw prints and shed fur that stubbornly clings to the gaps between the seats is no fun. Dirt, spills and dander, oh my!

Fortunately, a dog car seat cover or dog car seat can help keep messes at bay. We’ve picked out eight seat covers that not only look good but also perform well.

1. Kurgo Loft Dog Hammock

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This dog car hammock is designed for vehicles with bench seats and has five sturdy attachment points. Simply remove the front attachment points if you prefer a seat cover instead of a hammock.

This versatile hammock combines ease of installation, machine wash-ability and waterproof material to make life easier. It even comes with its own carrying case, so you can fold and store it easily after use.

2. Molly Mutt Rocketman Multi-Use Cargo, Hammock & Car Seat Cover

Molly Mutt Rocketman dog seat cover

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With a stylish constellation pattern on sturdy cotton canvas, this cargo hammock and dog car seat cover is made for pups all of sizes. Adjustable straps work with a variety of headrests for maximum flexibility and it includes seatbelt slots so passengers can buckle up. A nonskid backing helps keep the cover in place, whether your pup rides in your cargo or seat area or lounges on the hammock.

3. Molly Mutt Papillon Multi-Use Cargo, Hammock & Car Seat Cover

Molly Mutt Papillon dog car seat cover

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Yet another offering from Molly Mutt, this cargo hammock and car seat cover features a cheerful medallion pattern on machine-washable cotton canvas. As with the Rocketman design, it features adjustable headrest straps, seatbelt slots and nonskid backing for maximum flexibility.

4. Solvit Deluxe Sta-Put Hammock Seat

Solvit Deluxe dog car seat cover

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The stain-resistant micro-suede quilted top gives this dog car hammock seat cover a luxurious look. On the practical side, it’s machine-washable and contains two storage pockets, non-slip backing and two “Sta-Put” seat anchors to help keep the cover in place.

5. Etna Waterproof Dog Theme Seat Cover

Aetna Waterproof dog car seat cover

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A playful dog-themed pattern gives this waterproof dog car seat cover a whimsical style. The straps fasten to your vehicle’s headrests, and the seat belt holes allow you to fasten seat belts as needed. After springtime dog shedding or a trip to the dog park, wipe the seat cover clean or wash it in cold water.

6. Frisco Quilted Water Resistant Bench Car Seat Cover

Frisco Quilted dog car seat cover

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Made of sturdy, stain-resistant Oxford polyester, this machine-washable dog car seat cover features a non-slip mesh backing, convenient storage pockets and slits for easy seat belt access. It’s designed to work with most car models and is designed to be installed in three easy steps: lay the cover on the seat, hook the straps around the headrests and push the anchors through the seat gaps to keep it in place. A diagonal quilted pattern lends style and added comfort for your pup.

7. Elegant Comfort Quilted Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover

Elegant Comfort dog car seat cover

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This seat cover includes a waterproof backing and comes in beige, grey or black. Soft, breathable microfiber is quilted to create a soft, cozy texture while your dog reclines. Conveniently placed holes allow you to fasten the shoulder belts so four-legged or two-legged friends can ride safely.

8. Solvit Waterproof Sta-Put Bucket Seat Cover

Solvit Waterproof dog car seat cover

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For times when you have one seat for your pup and want to protect it from stains or fur, this bucket seat cover fits the bill. Constructed of machine-washable, heavy-gauge polyester, the cover includes an elasticized base to provide a snug fit in any bucket seat with a headrest. Elastic straps and “Sta-Put” seat anchors help ensure the cover stays put.

With these dog car seat covers and dog car hammocks, you can keep dog shedding and muddy paws from leaving a mess in your car and protect seats from doggy nails. They also give your canine companion more range of motion than a dog carrier while still keeping him from hopping into the front and distracting you while you drive.

Who doesn’t love adding a little color and personality to your back seat? You and your four-legged friend can enjoy riding in comfort and style.

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By: Susan Johnston Taylor

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By: Susan Johnson TaylorUpdated: