5 Must-Have Long-Lasting Dog Chews

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5 Must-Have Long-Lasting Dog Chews

For some canines, even the strongest dog toys can’t withstand their champion chompers. Enter long-lasting dog chews, which are designed specifically for tough chewers.

Long-lasting dog chews come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so how do you know which ones are best for your pooch? To decide which long-lasting dog chews are best suited for your pet, Laura Weis, DVM, at Doylestown Animal Hospital in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, recommends offering your canine a variety of chews to see what he likes best.

But no matter which chew you choose, Dr. Weis stresses to never leave your dog—of any age or size—unattended with a chew toy, because it can turn into a choking hazard.

Top 5 Long-Lasting Dog Chews

Just like how dogs come in all shapes and sizes, long-lasting dog chews do, too. Options range from cheese flavored to natural dog bones.

Here are a few favorites designed to help stop your dog from chewing household items and, instead, enjoy a different taste sensation.

Bones & Chews Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat

1. Bones & Chews Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat

This all-natural dog chew from Bones & Chews is made of Himalayan yak cheese, offering dogs a high-protein treat that contains only four natural ingredients. These treats are long-lasting for many dogs as they methodically chew them to soften the ends before eating them.
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USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler Dog Chews

2. USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler Dog Chews

Antlers are a durable, natural dog bone that can usually withstand the toughest of chewers.

This antler from USA Bones & Chews has a hard surface, which helps clean away plaque to leave your dog’s teeth shiny white.

However, some antlers might be too hard for dogs who really like to chew.

“Lasting toys, such as antlers, bone marrows, knuckle bone, etc., do help keep the teeth clean, but, unfortunately, they can also break the dog’s teeth,” says Danielle Mendelsohn, VMD, DAVDC, a member of the dentistry and oral surgery team at NorthStar Vets in New Jersey.

For that reason, pet parents with dogs who are extremely aggressive chewers should use antlers with caution.

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USA Bones & Chews Smoked Curly Bully Stick

3. USA Bones & Chews Smoked Curly Bully Stick

Bully sticks are high-protein beef muscle that pups tend to love. They offer an added benefit by helping to scrape away tartar, so your dog maintains cleaner teeth and they’re easy to digest so they break down easily. You easily can find bully sticks in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit dogs of all sizes.

This curly bully stick from USA Bones & Chews is made from 100% USA beef and slow-roasted for a smoky flavor.

Dr. Weis suggests offering bully sticks to smaller dogs because they can chew on them easily.

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USA Bones & Chews Beef Knuckle Bone Dog Treat

4. USA Bones & Chews Beef Knuckle Bone Dog Treat

This beef knuckle bone treat, also from USA Bones & Chews, is slow-roasted with tasty tidbits of meat left on for added flavor. If you have a large-breed, strong-jawed dog who loves to chew, this may be a good option.
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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wholesome Chews

5. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wholesome Chews

This edible treat from Nylabone is enhanced with vitamins and minerals to make it a healthful snack for pups. It’s recommended for dogs who have all their permanent teeth, which is typically around 6 months of age or older, and it comes in several sizes. Review the feeding instructions to ensure you choose the correct size for your dog.
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Safety Tips and Dog Chew Longevity

Always monitor your pup while he’s working on his chew. Once the pieces get too small, throw them away to prevent a choking hazard.

“Anything the length of the muzzle or smaller should be removed,” Dr. Weis says.

It’s important to note that ANY dog chew can become a choking hazard if it breaks or shatters into small pieces. If that happens, immediately stop your dog from chewing on it and take it away from your pooch.

How long a chew lasts depends on the size and strength of your dog’s jaws and how frequently you give him the chew.

“For me, the most important factor is the toy has some give to it, so that it won’t fracture the teeth,” Mendelsohn says.

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