3 Extra-Large Dog Crates for Large Breed Dogs

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3 Extra-Large Dog Crates for Large Breed Dogs

Large breed dogs may be convinced they’re small—and will even try to sit on our laps to prove it—but as pet parents we know better. When it comes to a dog crate for your larger-than-life pup, fitting your fur baby in a comfortable extra-large dog crate is important. When choosing a dog crate, be sure to consider durability, security and proportions to keep your pup comfortable and happy. To help with your search for the right extra-large dog crate, we’ve rounded up three options designed to meet the needs and comfort of large breed dogs.

1. Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate

The Frisco XX-Large double-door crate is just what its name says. It has two dog doors, one on the front and one on the side, for easy entry and exit. It also features drop-pin hinges as a locking mechanism to keep your pet safely contained. The black electro-coat finish is designed to protect the crate for the long-haul.Pair the Frisco crate with a mat to provide added comfort for your pup. The Frisco Micro Terry Pet Bed & Crate Mat is one option. Crafted from micro terry and a polyester-cotton cushion, this good-looking mat is both comfortable and breathable, according to the company. Most importantly, it pops right in the washing machine for fast clean-up.

Extra Large Dog Crate

2. MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate

Here’s another double-door crate. MidWest Solutions’ double door crate means your giant dog won’t have to wait to get in or out. And a double-door option means you have the flexibility to change the way your crate is orientated in your home.The crate also features a rust-preventative E-coating and a durable composite plastic pan. The drop-pin latches are designed to easily secure the doors and keep your pup safely enclosed. Plus, the rounded corners should protect your pup if she decides to play a game of chase near her crate.If you’ve got a big mess on your hands (and who doesn’t with a giant dog at home?), pick up the MidWest iCrate Dog Crate Replacement Pan. Made out of durable black composite plastic, the pan is easy to clean; just slide it out of crate and wipe it down.

Extra-Large Dog Crate

3. GoPetClub Soft Portable Pet Home

Looking for a folding dog crate? Whether you live in a small space or simply value a compact option, this 48-inch pick might be just the cate for your big dog. GoPetClub’s lightweight dog kennel is water resistant and sports a mesh door and sides to provide ventilation—and let you peek in and check on her.This folding crate also comes with a soft sheepskin mat, coordinating carrying case and screen covers that roll down to keep light out when your fur baby is taking a nap. Ideal for home and travel, it folds to less than two inches in thickness.

Extra-Large Dog Crate

Dog Crate Safety

When introducing a crate to your best friend be sure to follow the tips on crate training to make both of your lives easier. Be mindful of your dog’s safety and comfort. Never leave your pet in the crate for long periods of time—potty breaks and play time are important throughout the day. Since tags and dog collars can sometimes get caught in a crate’s mechanisms, be sure to remove these before putting your pet in her crate. The same holds for her leash, which could become tangled if it’s still hooked to your pup’s neck. You’ll want to place the crate in a spot that’s well-ventilated and not exposed to extreme heat or cold. Don’t allow children to poke their fingers (or anything else) into the dog’s crate. A crate is supposed to be a safe spot for rest and relaxation and some animals may react badly to this type of teasing play.

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