20 Sleeping Cats Who Take Napping to a Whole New Level

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20 Sleeping Cats Who Take Napping to a Whole New Level

Have you ever stopped whatever you were doing simply to admire a sleeping cat? Of course you have, because cats don’t nap like dogs, humans or any other creature in existence. For one, they nap hard. They’ve also figured out how to fall asleep in positions and places that make no earthly sense. Sometimes it’s in a cat bed, and sometimes it’s face down in a plant.

Maybe that’s why “cat nap” is a popular term, as opposed to “person nap” or “pup nap.” Cats are simply the best at it.

So, if you need a little inspiration to get some shut-eye in unconventional ways, behold these 20 tired cats who take napping to a whole new level.

1. Spoon Time

Cat napping photos

Courtesy of its_a_plushie_world/Instagram

Soren prefers to be the big spoon when snoozing with a bear-y cute toy named George.

2. That ‘Do Not Disturb’ Face

Cat napping photos

Courtesy of freedwithcats/Instagram

When it’s Monday and you don’t understand why your human is trying to play with you this early because you’re a cat and you’ve got nowhere to be.

3. Cat In a Box

Cat nap pictures

Courtesy of nala_cat/Instagram

If Nala fits, she naps. This is her world, and we’re just living in it.

4. Faces Make Good Pillows

Cat nap pictures

Courtesy of bailey_no_ordinary_cat/Instagram

When you and your bestie are this close, you sleep on each other’s heads. That’s just the way it is.

5. Belly Up

Cat nap pics

Courtesy of white_coffee_cat/Instagram

“I’m just gonna shut my eyes for a minute. While I do that, go ahead and give me a good belly rubbin’, would ya?”

6. Busy Dreaming, Go Away

Napping cats

Courtesy of ludwigandsabbath/Instagram

When your only hobby is wrapping yourself in a giant fuzzy blanket and napping until the world ends.

7. Fancy Snoozer

Nap cats

Courtesy of leo.mainecoon/Instagram

“Yes, I go to bed like this, and I wake up even fresher.”

8. Bedtime Brushing

Courtesy of love2foster/Instagram

Talk about a relaxing nighttime routine, am I right? This sleepy kitty has it made.

9. Chillin’ Like a Hooman

Courtesy of tinaf78/Instagram

This is how the people do it, so George and Wheezy have decided that they will spend their weekends like this, too.

10. Winter Is Coming

Cats napping

Courtesy of nikoandpoko/Instagram

Niko and Poko will wear whatever silly outfit you want them to wear, as long as they can sleep the entire time.

11. Couple’s Nap

Courtesy of riepoyonn/Instagram

In a bed made for just for them, Amelie and Canale are true snuggle goals.

12. Current Mood

Courtesy of herman_and_weasel/Instagram

When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year…

Note: While this position could be seen as a health concern, sleeping face down is a normal habit for some cats, including the beautiful and peculiar Weasel.

13. All Ears

Napping cat pictures

Courtesy of hobbikats/Instagram

Not everyone could sleep peacefully knowing their roommates are literally staring over their shoulder, but not everyone is as cool as Bindi.

14. “Look Ma, No Tan Lines”

Picture of napping cat

Courtesy of buggy_supercat/Instagram

Looks like Buggy is ready to start walking on sunshine, right after naptime ends.

15. Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Cute cat napping

Courtesy of thatcatbobbie/Instagram

“When the hooman gets up from the office chair, my real work begins.”

16. Sink Snooze

Napping cat picture

Courtesy of maple.cat/Instagram

“If it’s not my bed, then why do I fit in it so perfectly? Hmmmm?”

17. Snow-Covered Sleeper

Cat napping

Courtesy of mainecoonqueens/Instagram

Sure, it’s freezing out, but Tiara knows just how angelic she looks covered in fresh snowflakes, so this is her happy place.

18. Meta Nap

Napping cats

Courtesy of samhaseyebrows/Instagram

Sam is so famous that he gets to snooze next to a toy that looks exactly like him—eyebrows and all. Jealous? I am.

19. In a Bed of Flowers

Cute napping cat

Courtesy of sweetheartragdoll/Instagram

His name is Sunshine and this is just a normal day for him. Napping. In a field. Surrounded by beautiful flowers. Looking like a king.

20. Lunchtime Nap

Cute napping cat

Courtesy of waffles_the_cat/Instagram

When you can’t trust the lettuce, but you’re feeling quirky, so you turn your lunch into a hat instead.

So, what have we learned? Basically, cats are not of this world, and they’re master nappers. When they decide to take over the world, hopefully they’ll show us how to snooze like pros.

By: Chrissa Hardy

Featured Image: Via ludwigandsabbath/Instagram


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