The Best Leashes & Collars for Active Dogs

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The Best Leashes & Collars for Active Dogs

When you’ve found a dog that loves getting out and being active as much as you do, it’s like finding a soulmate, a trainer, and a travel guide all in one. Make the most of that bond by outfitting your pup in dog leashes, dog collars, and other equipment that can stand up to the elements.

Go for Nylon

For all-out toughness, it’s hard to beat nylon webbing. This lightweight, flexible, easy-to-clean quick-dry material is the best choice for athletic pets who don’t mind getting wet and dirty.  In nylon collars, look for features such as quick-clip fasteners, perfect for pups who just can’t wait to get out the door. If your pal’s a puller, try a martingale dog collar. Similar to choke chains, it tightens around the dog’s neck when he pulls to discourage the habit, yet it’s soft material makes it safer for him.

Think Safety

If your tastes take you even further off the beaten path, make it easier to find off-leash pets when the sky grows dim by outfitting her with a reflective dog collar or one with an LED light attachment, such as the Nite Ize Dawg LED Collar Cover. Or, if your pooch doesn’t mind, try a reflective bandana.

And if fishing or the beach are on the itinerary, don’t forget that your pup needs safety equipment just like you, like the Kurgo Surf-n-Turf Dog Lifejacket that can be used as a flotation device or raincoat and even features a set of handles for the occasional puppy pickup. And don’t forget, it’s essential to keep your pal hydrated. Carry a collapsible pet bowl or portable water bottle for water fill ups along the way.

It’s easy to think that when you’re out on an adventure, your four-legged friends want to roam free, just like you do, but bringing along the right equipment can help you both feel safer and more confident, no matter what type of terrain you are exploring together!



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