Spoil Your Dog Day

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Spoil Your Dog Day

You’ve heard the saying—every dog has his day. Well, this is THE day, not just for one special dog, but for all dogs to be showered with love and attention from their doting owners. When we heard about Spoil Your Dog Day, our first thought was, “Wait, there’s only one day that you’re supposed to spoil your dog?” There’s no way a dog lover could possibly limit all the pampering to just one day. Rest assured that you can keep treating your pup to the luxuries he’s accustomed to on a daily basis. But for Spoil Your Dog Day, you can go all out with a lot of quality time and some of our favorite top-of-the-line products that show just how much you love your pet.

Doggie Swag That’ll Make Tails Wag

A spoiled dog has to look the part. Now’s the time to upgrade your pooch’s dog collar to one that will make all the other pet lovers jealous as you walk down the street with your four-legged friend. The Parisian Pet Croc Texture Personalized Dog Collar is the bling collar that a truly spoiled dog definitely needs. This stylish faux crocodile collar comes in blue, red or pink, and you can personalize it with glimmering rhinestone letters that spell out your pooch’s name or nickname. Add a sparkly rhinestone charm, like a paw print, flower, heart, crown, bone or dog shape to bedazzle it even more. The OmniPet Signature Leather Crystal Dog Collar is another glamourous collar that shines bright with a stunning row of crystals down the middle. The polished chrome buckle gives it a nice touch, and you can get them in multiple colors, like rose, black or metallic gold. Take your dog on a longer walk than usual, and try a different route so he can experience new, exciting smells and sights (while showing off his fabulous new dog collar, too!).

Fresh ‘n’ Clean Dog Grooming Session

Even if your pup doesn’t usually like getting a bath, it can be turned into something positive—after all, you’re spending time with him and giving him your full attention. Make sure you have all the right dog grooming supplies before you start. Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is a favorite because it’s made with natural herbs and oils, and it’s alcohol-free. It’s got a coconut base with essences of bergamot, lavender and mint, plus extracts of rosemary, chamomile and sage for a gentle cleanser that smells heavenly. For sensitive pets or those with itchy, dry skin, try out Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo. It’s soap-free, 100% biodegradable, and made with a blend of oatmeal, aloe vera and food-grade extracts of vanilla and almond for a pleasant natural scent. You’ll also need a super-comfy towel ready, like the Bone Dry Embroidered Bone Microfiber Dog Bath Towel. It’s made from ultra-absorbent microfiber, and it makes the coziest towel to dry off your pet after his bath. For the ultimate dog grooming experience, give your dog his very own private spa with the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Center. There’s a padded no-slip bottom to prevent slippage, and the elevated stand gives your back a rest. Just hook up the hose, and you can control the water pressure. When you start the water, be sure it’s just the right temperature, and keep some favorite dog treats nearby. Take your time, and stay calm and positive, because your dog will feed off your mood. Use a dog brush to massage your pup’s skin as it distributes the shampoo. Two great options are the KONG ZoomGroom and Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Dog Bath Massager.

Massage Time for Rest & Relaxation

Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy nice, soothing massages. Regular dog massages can do a lot of good for your canine companion, and not only in the physical realm. Above all, this is a way to get in some prime bonding time with your pet—you can make it part of your everyday routine, after a nice, long walk. If nothing else, you can definitely set aside some dog massage time for Spoil Your Dog Day. Your healing touch can help increase circulation, ease tensions, relieve aches and help put your pup in a relaxed mood. It’s also a way to feel for any bumps, lumps, parasites, swelling, sores or any other changes in your dog’s body. You can use your hands or a dog grooming glove or brush. One technique is to gently stroke the skin in the direction of hair growth. Another effective method is placing your hand flat over an area of skin and moving over the muscles using light pressure. Be sure to pay attention to your dog’s paws, too. Gentle rubbing of the feet can release tension, and your pup’s surely going to enjoy all the extra care and time spent focusing on him.

Upgrade to a Deluxe Model Dog Bed

Maybe today’s the day to show how much you love your pet by upgrading his bed to the next level of luxurious comfort. Sure, his current bed might be fine, but a spoiled dog needs one that makes him feel complete Zen with layers upon layers of cushioning. K&H Pet Products Feather-Top Orthopedic Pet Bed is just as lavish as it sounds. It’s got 5 inches of medical grade foam as the base, and on top of that is 1.5 inches of baffled duck feathers covered with a quilted, super-soft microfleece. That sounds like a premium-grade pet bed that no dog could resist. If your dog tends to get his bed dirty, but you still want to treat him to a nice one, try the MidWest Quiet Time E’ Sensuals Teflon Geometric Orthopedic Nesting Pet Bed. It’s got an egg-crate base, fleece lining and a thick foam bolster where your pooch can rest his head. The outer covering has a Teflon coating that repels liquids and odors so the bed doesn’t get stained. With these deluxe pet beds, your pup will have plenty of lounging possibilities.

Make Time for Playtime

Sure, we have daily or weekly fetching sessions with our dogs, but how long do they last? It can be hard for busy pet parents to find time to exercise and play with their canine friends for as long as they’d like. Try a new approach to playtime, starting on Spoil Your Dog Day. Just like any other important meeting or event, schedule a set time block for a doggie date with your pup. Actually put it into your calendar and set reminders for a time that you won’t be distracted and you can devote your total attention to him. Next, pick a location that you know your dog loves. It could be just the backyard, or maybe take him for a ride to the dog beach. Be sure you’ve got his favorite dog toys—does he like to fetch dog balls, rubber balls, flying discs or something that squeaks? Or maybe he prefers a good game of tug-of-war and needs a rope toy. Whatever it is that gets his tail wagging, be sure to take it with you for the playtime of his dreams. Try to make it a habit of regularly setting aside time to get active with your pooch.

Even if you only do a few of the things on our list for Spoil Your Dog Day, your pup will appreciate the effort. And remember, dog pampering can happen year-round!

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