The Best Products to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

By: Stephanie BrownPublished:

best cooling products to keep dogs cool in the summer
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Warm weather means lots of fun in the sun with your four-legged friend (dog beach! hiking! farmer's markets!). But you need to know how to keep your dog cool in the summer. After all, it can take mere minutes for your dog to go from comfortable to dangerously overheated.

When temps soar, it's good to have some supplies at the ready to help beat the heat. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best-selling and top-rated cooling products for dogs. From cooling mats and beds to water bowls and fountains, these products are Chewy customer approved.

Stocking up on these summer essentials will go a long way in keeping your dog cool and comfy all season long. But remember, even with these cooling products, prolonged exposure to hot weather can lead to your dog overheating and even heat stroke. Learn more about heat stroke in dogs and what the signs look like.