The 5 Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Cat Parents Swear By

By: Monica WeymouthUpdated:

best self cleaning litter boxes
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Pet parenting can be a dirty job. One of the most dreaded chores? Litter box duty. No matter how tidy your cat or how clumpy your litter, no one looks forward to scooping. But it has to be done—and regularly. In fact, some finicky felines will even boycott boxes that aren’t up to their standards. That’s why we love self-cleaning litter boxes.

By automatically scooping messes in a waste drawer after “business” wraps up, an automatic cat litter box reduces odors, eliminates the need for daily cleaning, and keeps everyone (humans and cats alike) happy. All you have to do is empty the waste drawer.

There are a number of robotic litter boxes on the market these days, with varying high-tech features and amenities. These are the best self-cleaning litter boxes, based on Chewy customer reviews, customer ratings, sales and expert input.

As a pet parent, there are far better ways to spend your time than scooping litter. Automatic cat litter boxes do the dirty work so you can focus on important stuff, like playing and cuddling with your four-legged friend. Combining smart designs with the latest technology, these best-in-class self-cleaning litter boxes have your least favorite chore covered.