The Best Pet Hair Removers For Fur-Free Living

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

Best Pet Hair Removers

You totally adore your furry friend (obvs), but wearing their hair everywhere? Not so much.  Luckily with the best pet hair removers, you can keep your clothes—and your furniture—from being covered in hair. These best-selling pet hair removers have been tried and tested by Chewy pet parents like you and are top-rated for being the most effective, easy-to-use tools for keeping your home tidy. So whether your pup is heading into shedding season or you have a cat who loves lap cuddles especially when you’re wearing your favorite black pants, these pet hair removers will keep you and your home hair-free.

Got the best pet hair removers and need some pointers on how to use them? Here are some tips for putting your new tools to good use.