The 7 Best Apps for Pet Parents

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The 7 Best Apps for Pet Parents

There’s never been a better time to use technology to get closer to your pet, and apps offer an easy and practical way to do so for very little money.

Not sure where to start? With so many apps in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed once you start to search for something to download. While you might want to concentrate on the type of task you want the app to perform (scheduling, teaching, helping you plan), here are a few of the best pet apps available to get you started:

Best Medical App: Petoxins

Price: $2.99

Download: iOS only

While there are many health and first aid apps out there, sometimes being specific pays off, which is what puts Petoxins at the top of the list for best medical app for pet owners, says Ian Naylor, CEO at AppInstitute and a DIY app builder for small business owners. “Petoxins is a fantastic directory of every plant that could be poisonous to your pet,” says Naylor.

If you have a garden, or even if you regularly take your dog out hiking or to the park, this is a must-have app. The best thing about this app? “Thirty five percent of the proceeds go to supporting the ASPCA,” Naylor says.

Best Exercise App: PitPat

Price: Free for app – $39+ for collar

Download: iOS and Android

Does your dog need to be a little more active? A pet fitness tracking device can show you what to do to help him shape up. “I’ve been a big fan of the pet fitness concept since I saw PitPat on BBC’s business investment reality show, ‘Dragon’s Den,’” says Naylor. “PitPat is basically a Fitbit for your dog.”

Simply pair the PitPat collar with an app for your iOS or Android device, put the collar on your pet, then measure your dog’s activities broken down by whether they’re walking, running, resting or playing. “It even lets you know how many calories your dog is burning and allows you to set goals and track your dog’s progress,” Naylor adds.

Best Tracking App: Whistle

Price: Free for app – $49+ for GPS tracker

Download:iOS only

Pet tracking apps work with a companion GPS tag or tracking device that attaches to your dog’s collar and can help pinpoint his exact location at any time. While there are several tracking apps in the market, Whistle comes out a winner because it also tracks your pet’s activity level, health and sleep patterns. And while some trackers are limited to a certain distance, Whistle can locate your pet anywhere in the continental US.

Pet owner apps

Best Social App: Doggy Datez

Price: Free

Download: iOS and Android

Think your dog is a little lonely? There are more social apps for dogs than you can imagine, from basic networking apps to location-based mobile platforms where you can meet other dog owners.

“A great example of this type of social app is Doggy Datez, an app that helps dog owners find playmates for their canine companion near them,” says Naylor. “There’s even the humorously titled ‘mark your territory’ function, where you can claim a 200-meter radius as your own area.”

Despite the name, Doggy Datez is not about finding a romantic mate for your dog (or yourself). Instead, dog owners can search for doggie playmates, narrowing down choices by a dog’s age, sex, breed and activity level.

Best Dog Training App: Dog Tricks & Bark Machine

Price: $0.99

Download: iOS only

If you are new to training, this is a great app to help teach your dog basic tricks, commands and games. There are also tips on how to deal with behavior issues and a special section addressing training techniques for puppies.

The app also allows you to upload photos so you can show off your dog’s newest tricks.

“It even comes with a variety of sounds that you can use to get your dog’s attention during their training,” Naylor adds.

Best Pet Sitting App: Rover

Price: Free

Download: iOS and Android

While there are several pet sitting/boarding apps out there, Rover contains the largest database of pet sitters, dog boarders, doggie day cares, and dog walkers in the country (over 65,000 at last count). The platform also offers background checks and insurance as well as 24/7 support, so you know the sitter you’re choosing is qualified to take care of your furry one.

Best Dog Walking App: PawTrottr

Price: $2.99

Download: iOS only

According to Naylor, “Trottr has been dubbed Uber for dog walking” and is the perfect tool to help you find experienced, reliable and trustworthy dog walkers in your community.

“Every walker has their own profile complete with a photo, ratings, availability and an ‘about me’ section,” Naylor says. “The ease of use and convenience of this app makes it a must have.”

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