19 Dogs Wearing (and Hating) Shoes

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19 Dogs Wearing (and Hating) Shoes

Some dogs enjoy a good sweater. When the temperatures dip, many don’t mind a cozy parka. There’s even the rare dog who tolerates holiday head gear, if only for a quick Easter Bunny photo op. But shoes, well, shoes are a different story—a much different story. As these pups prove, you might want to think twice before you order those designer doggie sneaks.

Dolly the dog

Dolly is haunted by two vexing questions: “Who’s a good girl?” and “What are these things on my paws?”

Credit: @dollypartondoodle

Benji the Corgi

As a Corgi, Benji has a high tolerance for Instagram stunts. But this right here is where he draws the line.

Credit: @harrobenji

Simba the dog

Tell us how you really feel about your new shoes, Simba.

Credit: @anne_benedict

Pomeranian in shoes

When it comes to passive-aggressive fake smiles, Pomeranians are right up there with reality TV stars.

Credit: @aqueeny_pao

Zeus the Chow

Zeus wasn’t sure what, exactly, to do about his new rain boots. But walking certainly wasn’t an option.

Credit: @zeusthechow_

Jack the dog

Jack’s shoe strategy: smile and pretend it isn’t happening.

Credit: @jacktheadventure_dog

Cupcake the dog

Cupcake is still in shock at her misfortune. Adorable, adorable shock.

Credit: @lilpekecupcake

Koda the dog

Koda’s masterful side-eye skills have earned him a spot on the next season of “Real Housewives.”

Credit: @lifeofkoda

Weezer the dog

“Listen, lady—remove these booties right now or the carpet gets it.”

Credit: @thebarnettonetsy

When faced with the dreaded dog shoes, Koa deployed a classic defense: big, sad puppy dog eyes.

Credit: @koa_1013

Sammy the dog

Sammy tried to sulk about his new boots in the name of canine camaraderie, but it was hopeless—Sammy loves everything. Never change, buddy.

Credit: @goldenretrieversammy

Petra the dog

If you know a Maltese, you know what this look means: “Prepare for manic barking, followed by bouts of ankle biting.”

Credit: @petra_1408

Ryan the dog

“I…I can’t even look. Is it over yet? How about now?”

Credit: @ryan_823

Pug in shoes

Is there anything sadder than a sad pug?

Credit: @terriblefeet

Max the pug

Answer: No, no there is not. You’re killing us, Max.

Credit: @banjomax

Holly the dog

After careful consideration, Holly reached into her massive bag of shade and threw it all over the living room.

Credit: @hollythejollykelpie

Figo in rainboots

Who is absolutely not going for a walk in his new rain boots? This guy right here.

Credit: @shitzufigo

Dog in boots at dog park

When Mom makes you wear your new boots to the dog park and you know you’ll never hear the end of it.

Credit: @annc_michelle

Cat wearing shoes

Now you’ve really done it.

Credit: @pecanthenut

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