17 Dogs Who Are (Not Quite) Winning the Camouflage Game

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17 Dogs Who Are (Not Quite) Winning the Camouflage Game

Dogs are a lot of things. Smart, loyal, lovable, obedient—the list goes on. One thing they’re not? Stealthy. As these poorly-camouflaged pups prove, sneaking around is best left to cats.

Rocky the dog

Rocky’s hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa by “hiding” in the Christmas tree. We don’t have the heart to tell him he’s too early … and needs a better disguise.

Credit: @elanamailer

Choppy the dog

Most interior designers recommend using your dog to tie the room together.

Credit: @kathrose

Patrick the dog

Abe’s always covering for Patrick when he needs a place to hide.

Credit: @abrahamthepibble

Jagger the dog

Try as he might, it’s hard for Jagger to convince everyone the bed actually has 8 legs.

Credit: @jumpinjaggflash

Sophie the Yorkie

Spotted in the wild, at last: the rare garden Yorkie.

Credit: @2fourlegged_friends

Luna the dog

Luna is hardly noticeable behind the curtain …

Credit: @jessheila

Stella the dog

For some reason, Stella is convinced that if she can’t see you, you can’t see her.

Credit: @stellzthefrenchie

Toby the dog

It’s never easy to determine where the blanket begins and Toby ends.

Credit: @hdubbs81

Benji the dog

Benji proves that if you believe it, you can be it. Here he is as a lamp.

Credit: @gangetochjag

Reggie the dog

Reggie hopes that if he continues to pretend he’s a blanket, he’ll get to sleep in.

Credit: @sirreggiefoxhunter

Dalmatian on the beach

Few know that the Dalmatian originates from Rock Island.

Credit: @michelfeyenoord

Iris the Frenchie

Better luck next time, Iris.

Credit: @iristhefrenchiest_frenchie

Brady the dog

Brady’s not hiding in the trashcan, he just likes to help with the chores.

Credit: @brady_bubbles

Cadbury the dog

Cadbury sees this rug as an extension of himself.

Credit: @melaniecherie87

Baby the dog

Not only is Baby as master of disguise, she won all these stuffed animals playing carnival games.

Credit: @dogbaby_catbruce

Murphy the dog

Murphy can try and hide, but nobody escapes bath time.

Credit: @andreastrauttmansdorff

Pepper the dog

Pepper believes if you make the bed, you get to hide in it too.

Credit: @2fourlegged_friends

John Plichter is a writer and advertising professional from Philadelphia. He and his girlfriend share their home with rescue dogs Murph and Elmer, who are three-legged and blind respectively.


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