15 Corgi Butts That Might Break The Internet

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15 Corgi Butts That Might Break The Internet

It’s hard to explain why, exactly, #corgibutts are an Instagram phenomenon. Or maybe it’s very simple—fluffy rears on stumpy legs are adorable. Whatever the reason, these cuties are in serious danger of breaking the Internet.

Sir Leonard knows he looks good—but sure, tell him again.

Credit: @lennythepdxcorgi

Lucky doesn’t always take up the entire bed. But when he does, he makes sure he’s too cute to move.

Credit: @luckythelazycorgi

Behold, the “over-the-shoulder” glamour #corgibutt pose. Well played, Murray. Well played.

Credit: @murraythecorgiinhk

Loaves of bread, or corgi butts? The world may never know.

Credit: @thestumpylegs

Sully has a pretty effective strategy for handling Mondays.

Credit: @sullythecorgi

What’s funnier than a corgi butt? Three corgi butts.

Credit: @corgicabana

Who has the fluffiest pants? Momo has the fluffiest pants.

Credit: @momothepupper

There’s nothing like a good sploot with your best friend.

Credit: @adventuresofdax

Wally, is that you? Wally?

Credit: @wallysworldxoxo

Double the fluff, double the fun.

Credit: @stiltonnpippinnvixie.brie

Schnitzel loves a good pair of party pants.

Credit: @furschnitzel

When they hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Credit: @cockerspaniel.dobe_corgi.mo

Corgi butt #squadgoals.

Credit: @zephyrcorgi

Good luck hiding when your bum is this adorable.

Credit: @leftcoastcreativity

Leo is proud of his corgi curves.

Credit: @leo_dicorgio

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