10 Signs You Like Your Dog More than People

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10 Signs You Like Your Dog More than People

There are dog people. And there’s that special breed of pet parent so dogged about dogs that the “people” part is sometimes an afterthought…if a thought at all.

You may know them for taking selfies that always include their pooch (so much for technically rating as a “selfie). You may know them for going to work and having more separation anxiety than their dogs.

You may know them by looking in the mirror.

Here are 10 signs you may love your dog more than people:

  1. You love watching horror movies. But you’re horrified if a dog gets hurt.
  2. You dread being invited out because you’d rather stay home and play with your dog.
  3. You get annoyed when people aren’t tidy. But it’s adorable when your dog’s toys are scattered all over the place.
  4. If a friend ignores your dog…No repeat invites or holiday cards again.
  5. You’re happiest when you can’t move because your dog is asleep in your lap.
  6. You don’t like sharing your food with anyone except your dog.
  7. If your spouse steals the covers you get irritated. If your dog does it you smile.
  8. People who walk slowly bug you. But it’s fine when your dog stops to sniff every blade of grass.
  9. No matter what you’re doing, you can’t wait to run home and kiss your dog.
  10. If someone says, “He’s just a dog,” you never speak to that person again.

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