Normal Dog Urine Volume

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Normal Dog Urine Volume

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How much can a Maltese puppy urinate a day (if they weigh approximately 3 pounds)? How much water do they take in a day?


No one has ever asked me exactly how much their dog can urinate in a day, but it is actually an important medical question. When dogs are suspected of having kidney disease or other hormonal diseases, their urine output is measured in the hospital by using a urinary catheter hooked up to a line and a urine collection bag. In cases of kidney failure, urine output can decrease, eventually leading to life-threatening toxemia.

In many hormonal diseases, such as Cushing’s Disease or diabetes, dogs do not concentrate their urine, and produce large volumes.

The calculation for normal urine production is 2mL per kilogram per hour. Therefore your 3 pound puppy (1.5kg) should produce about 3mL of urine an hour, or about 72mL every day. There are 5mL in a teaspoon, to give you an idea.

It is not uncommon for dogs, especially puppies, to urinate more than usual. They usually make up for it by drinking more. Some dogs like to drink water, and therefore urinate more. Never try to restrict your dog’s water intake. If your puppy continues to urinate abnormal amounts, you should have him or her checked out by a veterinarian.

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