Horse Decoration Ideas to Deck the Stalls

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holiday decorations for your horse stall
Featured Image: via Nicole Janiga

Horse Decoration Ideas to Deck the Stalls

Deck the stalls with bales (of hay) and jolly (balls), fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

If that’s what your horse would come back with when asked to write a Christmas carol, he’s probably already in the holiday spirit—just like the rest of us. And the inner horse lover in you probably has been planning horse decoration ideas since mid-July.

While horse ornaments on your Christmas tree and holiday wreaths bring the spirit of the season indoors, these decorated horse stalls are sure to get you inspired to get your horse in on the fun outdoors. From horse supplies and horse toys to horse treats and horse tack, we’ve got you covered this holiday season.

1. Festive But Simple

Brittany Laray’s 24-year-old American Quarter Horse, Fortune, celebrates the holidays with a classic bow and tinsel. The only thing better than this decor is how well it all matches. Cheers to color coordination, Brittany!

2. Merry and Bright

The holidays are no joke to Becky Howe and her horse, Littleun. Littleun might look as “merry and bright” as her stall, but we think she glows even brighter. Even with reindeer ears on, we’re convinced that Littleun might be a unicorn.

3. Christmas Classic

Though Gus spends his holidays at college, he isn’t actually a student. Gus is a lesson horse at the Houghton College equestrian program.

This holiday season, we hope his stocking is filled with all of the horse treats, horse toys, horse supplies, and maybe even a Horsemen’s Pride salt rope horse treat, that this equine professor deserves.

4. Trimmed In Red

holiday decorations for your horse stall

via Katelyn Lucia Arkley

Spotty’s smile perfectly summarizes how we feel about horse decoration ideas coming to life. Her red blanket matches the red garland accent on her stall. And no doubt that blanket is keeping Spotty cozy, comfortable and very festive! Can we get that in a coat please?

The Derby Originals waterproof turnout blanket is designed to keep horses toasty warm, indoors and out, and even comes in a holiday green.

5. Wrapped Up in Christmas (Paper)

holiday decorating for horse stalls

via Stephanie Huffman

Do you have a pasture-boarded horse? No problem!

Stephanie Huffman and her 13-year-old Thoroughbred, Local Hero, have a bit of a different take on horse decoration ideas. We admit, though, this one may take some convincing for your pony to agree to. Mrs. Pastures horse cookies are an all-natural horse treat that serve as a wonderful bribe.

6. Silver and Stylish

Danielle Benson and her American Quarter Horse, Lucy, have horse stall decorating down to a science. With silver garland, a festive stocking and Santa décor, Lucy definitely deserves some of the carrots dedicated for Santa’s reindeer.

Horse stall decorating is a great way to spend bonding time with your horse. Just avoid decorations that your horse could pull into the stall and turn into a potential hazard. Or be sure to remove the horse ornaments after the festivities are over (once your horse is unsupervised). For example, glass horse ornaments and large lightbulbs make for beautiful adornment in your home but quickly can lead to an equine emergency.

When holiday shopping for a horse lover, keep in mind that horse toys, like Horsemen’s Pride’s Jolly Ball horse toy; horse supplements, like Nutramax’s Cosequin ASU joint supplement; or horse supplies, like the Oster’s 7-piece horse grooming kit, also make great gifts.

Whether celebrating by decorating your horse’s stall or enjoying some time off with a relaxing morning ride, the holidays are a great time to spend extra time with your horse and spoil her with candy canes!

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Featured Image: via Nicole Janiga


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