Hartz To Donate $1 Million-Worth Of Pet Supplies To Animal Shelters

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Hartz To Donate $1 Million-Worth Of Pet Supplies To Animal Shelters

Which animal shelters could use 2,000 pet products?

The Hartz Mountain Corp., a Secaucus, New Jersey-based manufacturer of pet care products, asked and the public answered. Now, as part of its Shelter Donation Program, the company plans to ship $1 million worth of its pet supplies to 150 shelters across the United States and is on track to meet its overall goal of donating $3 million-worth of products to animal shelters in need.

On December 13, 2009, Hartz called on the public to nominate a local shelter to receive 2,000 pet supplies. (Due to the way Hartz stores and ships its products, each donation had to be for a minimum of 2,000 items). Within 10 days, the company received enough nominations to meet its goal of donating $1 million-worth of supplies to animal shelters.

“It seems everyone is in the holiday spirit, as we’ve seen a tremendous amount of goodwill from consumers nominating animal shelters from all over the country, and we’d like to thank them for responding so soon and with such enthusiasm,” said Bob Shipley, Hartz’s senior vice president of customer relations development. “Sadly, it also reminds us that our animal shelters are really suffering this year and need everyone’s help. We hope that the Hartz Shelter Program will help those shelters we could reach with our donations of pet supplies.”

The donations are expected to be shipped to the shelters throughout January and February 2010. Once the 300,000 items are shipped, Hartz will have reached its overall goal of donating $3 million-worth of pet supplies to animal shelters and food banks in the United States and Canada.

Among the items being donated by Hartz, are dog biscuits and bones, meat treats, rawhide, chews, puppy pads, dog collars and leashes, bowls, toys, grooming products and bedding, flea and tick treatments, vitamins and dental care products, bird seed, rabbit and small animal food.

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