Why You Should Feed Your Dog an Alkaline Diet

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Why You Should Feed Your Dog an Alkaline Diet

What Alkaline Means For Your Dog’s Health

You may have heard of the alkaline diet as being the best way to achieve superior health. This widely touted eating plan consists of consuming strictly alkaline-promoting foods regularly, and eliminating acid-forming foods from the diet completely. That means avoiding foods like dairy, grains, caffeine and alcohol in your everyday diet. By only eating alkalinizing foods, the pH levels in your body are said to increase, which is claimed to have amazing benefits, like superior protection against diseases and quick weight loss.

These health benefits aren’t just limited to humans. By reducing the amount of acid-forming foods you feed your dog, and increasing alkaline-promoting foods, you could be encouraging significant improvements in his overall health and well-being. Alkaline diets for pets are said to reduce the risk of kidney problems, liver problems and diabetes, among other benefits.

Canine Caviar, the first and only alkaline dog food producer, strongly advocates feeding your pets alkaline-promoting foods for their incredible healing properties. “The alkaline dog food is different from any other pet food formula in the world,” says Jeff Baker, CEO/President of Canine Caviar. “Having an alkaline base diet helps put more oxygen into the blood to allow the DNA’s self-recovery mechanism to function more efficiently and effectively.”

What Is an Alkaline Diet for Pets?

By feeding your dog foods that are above 7 on the pH scale, like kelp, parsley and alfalfa, you are promoting a proper pH balance in their body, leading to good health and natural healing. The fluid in a dog’s body is slightly alkaline, and if pH levels of their blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid reach an acidic level, dogs risk contracting degenerative disease in the tissue.

Canine Caviar uses alkaline base herbs and ingredients in their dog food along with a unique processing procedure to create an alkaline diet. Alkaline-promoting foods are staples in the diet, while acidic foods with a pH lower than 5.2—like beef, pork, eggs, wheat and blueberries—are excluded from their products entirely. Adding minerals to the food can also increase its alkalinity, but Canine Caviar avoids this process because too many alkaline minerals can cause crystals in the urine, which can lead to kidney stones.

By feeding Canine Caviar dog food to your dog, their urine will undergo a transformation from acidic urine to slightly alkaline urine. Canine Caviar will happily provide you with pH test strips free of charge so you can witness the change for yourself.

Benefits of an Alkaline Diet for Dogs

Feeding dogs strictly alkaline-base diets should put more oxygen in the blood, minimize cellular degeneration, settle digestive upsets, and reduce scratching and hot spots. It can also reduce the signs of aging by reducing anaerobic activity.

If you want to give your dog a high-quality alkaline diet, try Canine Caviar Limited Ingredient Diet Open Meadow Holistic Entrée Dry Dog Food. This formula is ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts, and is nutritionally optimized to support the development of muscles, organs, bones and teeth. Hormone-, pesticide- and antibiotic-free dehydrated lamb is the first ingredient in this product, and its exotic nature effectively stimulates the immune system in dogs who suffer from food sensitivities.

For dogs on a wet food diet, there’s Canine Caviar 97% Salmon Grain-Free Canned Dog Food Supplement that can be fed as a treat, supplement or as the base of a home-prepared meal. This dog food contains no grains, fillers, added sugar or salt or artificial colors or preservatives, making it a great addition to a strict alkaline dog diet.

Canine Caviar Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp Dog Food Topper is rich in vitamins and minerals, including essential trace minerals for balanced growth. Kelp helps promote healthy skin and coat, is a great digestion aid, and helps clean the kidneys, bladder and uterus. Canine Caviar has high standards when it comes to sourcing their ingredients, so you will find their kelp is of the highest quality, pulled from the coldest waters of Norway. Add this kelp topper to your dog’s favorite dish for a super nutritious meal that will help purify the blood and enhance the immune system.

Show your dog you love him with delicious Canine Caviar Omega 3:6:9 Alkaline Dog Treats, made with premium-quality wild herring and salmon oil to support a shiny coat and healthy skin. At just 3 calories per piece, these alkaline dog treats are great for training, or for those times when your good dog deserves a reward.

When feeding your pup, keep in mind that a proper water source is essential for supporting an alkaline diet. Bottled water tends to be acidic, while tap water is loaded with harmful chemicals. When choosing a water source for your pet, look for Ionized Alkaline water, which can increase your dog’s immunity to sickness and health challenges, and help detoxify his symptoms.


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