Everything New Dog Parents Can Get With a $50 Chewy Gift Card

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Chewy gift cards - new dog supplies
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Everything New Dog Parents Can Get With a $50 Chewy Gift Card

New dogs bring a lot of love and laughter into a home. They also bring a lot of stuff. Lucky for them (and their new pet parents), Chewy has everything they need to make the transition into their forever home easy peasy.

Know a soon-to-be dog mom or dad? Get them a Chewy gift card so they can stock up on the essentials. Below are 10 new dog supplies they could get with a $50 Chewy gift card. That’s a lot of gear to help set them and their new pup up for success. Let’s get shopping!

Frisco Nylon Dog Collar and Leash Set

Whether out on a quick potty break or a long walk around the neighborhood, a collar and leash are two must-have items for any trip outdoors. This stylish-yet-classic dog collar comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit every unique pup. Pair it with the matching Frisco dog leash, which is made from the same nylon material and comes in 4- and 6-foot lengths. Simply attach the leash to the D-ring on the collar and off you go!

Price for the set: $9.19

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Chewy gift card - dog supplies - collar and leash set
Chewy gift card - dog supplies - pet ID tags

GoTags’ Personalized ID Tag with Silencer

An ID tag is crucial in helping pets get home should they run away or become lost. New dog parents can outfit their precious pooch with a personalized pet tag to help keep their pet safe. This one features the phrase, “Have Your People Call My People,” which shows off your dog’s funny bone (see what we did there?). It also comes with a “silencer,” which is not as a scary as it sounds. It’s a little plastic case that goes on the tag so it doesn’t make that clanging metal sound.

Price: $10.27

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Frisco Squeaking Tennis Ball

New pet parents can teach their dog to play fetch (and help them stay in shape) with Frisco’s Fetch Squeaking Tennis Ball Dog Toy. It’s a classic tennis ball made even better with the addition of a squeaker, which could help motivate some of the more fitness-challenged Fidos. It’s also made with a non-abrasive felt so it’s gentle on dogs' teeth and gums. Their new pupper will never stop trying to make fetch happen.

Price: $1.18

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Chewy gift card - dog supplies - dog toy
Chewy gift card - dog supplies - poop bags

Frisco Dog Poop Bags + Dispenser

There is nothing worse than taking your dog out for a potty break and then realizing you forgot a poop bag—after they’ve done their business… in the middle of the sidewalk… in front of someone’s house… right as said someone is coming out to check the mail. Frisco’s Dog Poop Bags come with a handy-dandy dispenser that connects to a dog’s leash so dog parents don’t have to remember to grab a few bags before leaving the house. Crisis averted!

Price: $3.89

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Hartz Groomer's Best Extra Gentle Odor Control Dog Shampoo

Dogs get dirty. It’s kind of their thing. They see some mud and just go for it, rolling around like it’s the best thing since avocado toast. Keep them smelling fresh and clean with this dog shampoo from Hartz. It’s tough on odors thanks to its special “Odor Destroyer” technology but also formulated to be extra gentle on dogs’ skin and coat. Tough and gentle? Get you a shampoo that can do both!

Price: $3.47

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Chewy gift card - dog supplies - shampoo
Chewy gift card - new dog supplies - dog food

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dog Food

This American Journey recipe is made with nutritious ingredients to fuel dogs’ everyday adventures, including real, deboned salmon for lean muscles and omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health. It’s always recommended that you slowly transition your pet onto a new food, mixing more and more of the new dog food in with the old dog food over the course of several days. This smaller bag of American Journey is the perfect size to do just that. Get full instructions for how to transition a dog onto to a new food here.

Price: $13.99

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Van Ness Lightweight Double Pet Dish

Of course, you’ll need to serve that new dog food in something—and your great aunt’s china isn’t the best option (even if all it does is gather dust on the shelf). This pet dish from Van Ness has two containers: one for food and one for water. It comes in two sizes, large or small; is made with food contact-approved plastic, which is safe for pets; has handles for easy carrying and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Dinner is served!

Price: $1.34

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Chewy gift card - new dog supplies - dog food bowl
Chewy gift card - new dog supplies - dog treats

American Journey Training Bits Dog Treats

Treats are a great incentive for teaching new dogs the rules of the house. Did your older rescue dog tell you when he needed to go outside to potty? Give that good boy a treat! Teaching your new puppy to sit? Give that good girl a treat! American Journey’s Soft & Chewy Training Bits are small in size, which makes them great for training sessions. (Remember, you don’t want to give your good doggo too many treats because treats = calories.) And they’re only 4 calories per treat, which means you can reward more!

Price: $3.14

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Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Dog Chews

Moving to a new home can be a bit scary for everyone—dogs included. These calming chews contain L-Theanine and Vitamin B to help soothe stressed dogs. Along with some TLC, your new four-legged family member should be feeling right at home in no time.

Price: $3.27

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Chewy gift card - new dog supplies - calming aids

The total for all this gear is $49.74. (And with Chewy’s free shipping for orders over $49, new pet parents can save even more.) It’s everything you need to start your new canine family off on the right paw.

Editor’s Note: Prices and availability are subject to change.

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