Dog Nutrition: Why Should You Feed Organic Pet Food?

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Dog Nutrition: Why Should You Feed Organic Pet Food?
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Dog Nutrition: Why Should You Feed Organic Pet Food?

What Is Organic Pet Food?

It’s natural to want the absolute best for your fur baby, which is why you might be considering switching to organic pet food. “Just as pet parents put a lot of care and effort into what they eat, many also care deeply about how they feed their pets,” says Pete Brace, Vice President of Communications and Pet Parent Relations for Castor & Pollux.

Doing research is important in order to understand the benefits organic pet food offers for cat and dog nutrition. You may find that a healthy dog food has all the right ingredients, but the deciding factor is “how those ingredients are sourced or cared for,” says Brace. Food that is certified organic will proudly display a USDA organic seal, like the ORGANIX line from Castor & Pollux does. “Organic is kind of like ‘natural plus.’ Being certified organic takes ‘natural’ to a whole new level, given the extremely rigorous regulations that form the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP),” says Brace. This line is the epitome of what organic pet food is all about—every recipe has 95% or more certified organic ingredients. ORGANIX recipes do not contain artificial ingredients, chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics.

If you’re feeding your pet food that has those toxins, “the body doesn’t get rid of them, and they build up over time,” explains Susan Lauten, PhD, pet nutrition consultant. For this very reason, it makes sense to consider organic pet food for your dog and cat diet regimen.

Health Benefits of Organic Pet Food

There are tons of dog health benefits that come from feeding a healthy dog food. “Pet parents who feed their pet a high-quality, organic diet like ORGANIX say they see a difference in their dog, like improved energy levels; healthy weight; enhanced skin and coat; clear, bright eyes; and better stool from easier digestibility,” explains Brace. A small, simple change like feeding your pet what nature truly intended can end up making a huge impact on your family for the better. If your pet is overweight or has low energy, providing your dog nutrition that increases his energy level and gets him to a healthy weight will give you and your munchkin more time for afternoon walks and fun adventures together. Better stool means easier cleanup, and less time worrying about if your dog has an upset stomach.

Organic Pet Food Options

Your pet’s food isn’t only what you’re putting inside your pet’s bowl; it’s everything you feed them throughout the entire day, including treats! “It can affect your pet’s overall health and well-being over time if you feed your pet food that’s not organic,” explains Lauten. So, throughout the day when you’re spoiling your four-legged friend to a treat (or two!), keep it healthy by using organic treats that are equally satisfying and wholesome. If you’re switching your feline to an organic cat diet, try the Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Flavor Organic Cat Treats. Or, if you’re looking to treat your pupper, ORGANIX offers a variety of different flavored biscuits to accommodate every dog’s taste. For dinnertime food options, try the dry food or the wet food that offers all the health benefits of an organic diet. Best of all, if you’re transitioning your fur baby to one of the healthiest dog or cat diets there is, what you can be sure to see are overall changes to the health of the animal, says Lauten. Nothing beats seeing your pet healthy, happy and being the best version of himself.

It’s essential to feed your pet the right foods that are made the right way for healthy cat and dog nutrition. With organic pet food, you can truly trust what’s inside. When you’re looking for a healthy food for dogs or cats, really look at the ingredients and see if the quality meets your needs to ensure it’s good enough for your special companion.

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