Top 3 Dog-Friendly Airports

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Top 3 Dog-Friendly Airports

Contributed by Jenna Donleavy, traveler and pet parent of three rescue dogs: Knox, Bear & Harper

Dog-Friendly Airports That Go Above and Beyond to Accommodate Your Pet

It’s amazing to see the way airports have become so accommodating to travelers with dogs, specially over the past three to five years. Since there is an increasing number of people traveling with pets, it only makes sense that the amenities are improving, and pet-friendly airports are becoming the norm. Since I’m always plotting and planning for my next trip, I thought it would be fun to point out some of the uber pet-friendly airports in the United States. At this rate, the airports are going to be as much fun as the destination.

My Top 3 Dog-Friendly Airports

  1. Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia
    Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the entire country. With nearly 2 million visitors per week trekking through their grounds, they certainly know how to accommodate pet parents. The Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport has a fully fenced-in dog park, which is furnished with benches, trash cans, rocks, biodegradable waste bags and flowers—because, well, flowers! The off-leash park allows for last-minute zoomies before departure, and if the dog park isn’t your pup’s thing, there are two additional, smaller pet areas for them to enjoy. The Southern hospitality has definitely gone to the dogs in Atlanta!
  2. Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    OK, so their team just beat our team in the Super Bowl (Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots), but we have to give props where props are due. Not only did they play a fantastic football game, but the city of brotherly love’s Philadelphia International Airport is home to seven outdoor Pet Ports—talk about accommodating! Located in the arrival and departure areas of this incredible pet-friendly airport, each Pet Port is fenced in and equipped with 4 inches of mulch, water stations and biodegradable waste bags. I bet even Tom Brady and his three rescue pups would appreciate that!
  3. Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado
    If mountains are your thing (and, really, who isn’t into mountains?), then the Denver International Airport is one dog-friendly place you’ll want to visit during your pet travels. With an on-site, luxury pet resort called Paradise 4 Paws, this resort is precisely where your dog will want to be if they can’t be with you. Each pet is provided a suite with flat screen TVs, splash pools to party the day away in, medical experts on hand, and 24 attendants. They even have webcams for when you just need a glimpse of your love!

Atlanta, Philadelphia and Denver are just three of the many U.S. airports customizing their offerings to become more pet travel-friendly. When booking your trips, be sure to do a quick search on the airports you’ll be visiting so you don’t miss a thing. Also, remember to have your pup cleared by a veterinarian before flying and ask about their recommendations for how to travel with a dog to keep them safe and calm during the journey. Happy travels!

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