Ragamuffin Cat Breed

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Ragamuffin Cat Breed

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The Ragamuffin, a variant of the Ragdoll, is a large cat breed with big eyes and an affectionate nature. As the name suggests, the cat may go limp like a “rag” in your arms. It’s not that the breed is lazy, though. It just has a calm, laid back disposition.

Ragamuffin Physical Characteristics

Ragamuffins are considered large, big-boned cats, though females tend to be significantly smaller than males. They also have broad heads, long tails and big eyes.


The RagaMuffin can be found in various colors and patterns, with or without white spots.


Medium to medium-long that is soft and dense in texture.

Ragamuffin Personality and Temperament

Activity Level

Low to moderate


The breed can be best described as calm and sweet. They are wonderful with children and other pets. Additionally, the cat breed is a wonderful companion for people who like to stay at home but also have furry company.

Things to Consider

Eager to please, some Ragamuffins have been known to learn several “tricks” such as fetching and walking on a cat leash.

Ragamuffin Care

Ideal Living Conditions

Eager to please and affectionate, the RagaMuffin fares the best in a home with companions that will cuddle up close and brush her coat.

Special Requirements

The RagaMuffin is a low maintenance cat breed. Their thick coats do not easily mat or clump.

Ragamuffin Health

The Ragamuffin is considered a generally healthy cat breed. However, some are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease.

Ragamuffin History and Background

The history of the Ragamuffin must inevitably begin with a woman named Ann Baker and her precious Ragdoll cats.

Ann Baker, a Persian cat breeder, discovered a litter of kittens born to her neighbor’s mixed breed cat. To Baker, they seemed friendlier than any cat she had ever encountered. So she purchased some of the kittens from that litter and began to breed them. From this breeding, Baker would create several cat breeds (including the Ragdoll), all under the label of “Cherubim.”

She would eventually trademark the name “Ragdoll” and even found her own registry —the International Ragdoll Cat Association.

In 1993, an independent group of Cherubim cat breeders would come together to found a new Cherubim breed — the Ragamuffin.

Seemingly a mixture of all the Cherubim cat breeds, the breed was big, sturdy and available in every color and pattern. The Ragamuffin also retained a loving, laid-back personality.

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