Puggle Dog Breed

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Puggle Dog Breed

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A mix between a pug and a beagle, the Puggle is a small, energetic breed that only recently came into existence.

Puggle Physical Characteristics

The Puggle generally weighs between 15 and 30 pounds and contains a mixture of characteristics from both the Pug and Beagle, including a deeply wrinkled forehead, short legs, curled tails and drooping ears.


Fawn, tan and black or multi


Short-haired and smooth

Puggle Personality and Temperament

Activity Level

Moderate to high


Puggles are known to be sweet-tempered and playful, intelligent and affectionate. The breed is also very social and takes well to meeting new people and other dogs. They are great with children, adults and seniors alike.

Things to Consider

Puggles enjoy the company of their owners, and don’t take well to being left alone for long periods of time. Young Puggles especially may bark, or even howl (a trait they can inherit from their beagle parents), when left alone in their crates. They require daily exercise to help release their energy and house training may be difficult as Puggles can be a stubborn breed.

Puggle Care

Ideal Living Conditions

Puggles are small, so having a big space to live in isn’t much of an issue. The breed is high energy, though, and would do well to have a fenced in back yard that allows it to run around and play daily.

Special Requirements

The Puggle’s short coat requires minimal grooming, with weekly brushing necessary to remove excess or loose hair. Bathing should be kept to once a month to avoid drying out their skin. Housebreaking your Puggle may be a bit of a challenge, as they can be stubborn, but they take best to training that involves reward and repetition.

Puggle Health

Puggles do tend to have longer snouts than their Pug parents, and therefore they can handle more activity with less of the breathing issues that effect the Pug. Other than that, be aware that any genetic health issues you’ll find in beagles (like eye issues and ear infections) or pugs (like eye or weight issues) may be found in the breed as well.

Puggle History and Background

Puggles are relatively new to the dog scene, having only appeared in the 1980s when some breeders began experimenting with different dog crosses. It wasn’t until 2005 when the breed started becoming more popular.

Puggle dog breed

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