Korean Jindo Dog Breed

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Korean Jindo Dog Breed

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Believed by many experts to have lived on the Island of Jindo for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years, the Korean Jindo is a brave and faithful dog breed with a strong hunting and guarding instinct.

Korean Jindo Physical Characteristics

The Korean Jindo is a medium-sized dog breed with a triangularly shaped head, erect ears and a harsh outercoat. The physical differences between male and female Jindos are quite apparent. Males are larger with heavier heads while females have more fox-like heads.


The Korean Jindo can be found in red fawn, white, black, black and tan, wolf grey and brindle. The dog breed’s undercoat is light in color.


The Korean Jindo has a medium length double coat—harsh outer coat and soft, dense undercoat. The hair is longest on the dog’s tail and back of the thighs.

Korean Jindo Personality and Temperament

The Korean Jindo is best known for his enthusiasm for hunting all types of game (rabbits, badgers, deer, even wild boars) in packs and his sense of loyalty. According to the United Kennel Club, Jindos have even been known to travel long distances to return to their original owner. This devotion is primarily for the owner. The Korean Jindo may act aloof or suspicious around strangers.


Korean Jindo puppies are considered fast learners when it comes to housebreaking, requiring very little training.

Things to Consider

Due to its nature, the Korean Jindo may be cautious of dogs encroaching on its territory. A Jindo may even react aggressively towards intruding dogs. The Korean Jindo is, however, highly intelligent and can be trained to respect other dogs through positive reinforcement training.

Activity Level


Korean Jindo Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Korean Jindo fares the best in a loving home with an active family. The Jindo is also a great dog if you have a passion for hunting.

Special Requirements

Keep your Korean Jindo happy and healthy with daily walks and games in the yard.

Korean Jindo Health

The Korean Jindo is considered to be a generally healthy dog breed, though some Jindos have been known to suffer from hyperthyroidism.

Korean Jindo History and Background

There is much controversy as to how exactly the Korean Jindo ended up on Jindo Island, Korea’s third largest island located off the southwest coast of the peninsula. However, some believe the Jindo dog breed to be a result crossing indigenous Korean dogs and dogs brought by the Mongols during their 13th century invasion of Korea. The Korean Jindo likely remained unchanged for generations due to the difficulty of travel to and from the island.

The Korean government designated the Jindo a “national treasure” in 1938. In fact Jindos marched during the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea.

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