Australian Kelpie Dog Breed

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Australian Kelpie Dog Breed

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About the Australian Kelpie Dog Breed

The Australian Kelpie is a hard-working, intelligent herding dog that needs an assertive owner and plenty of space to run.

Australian Kelpie Physical Characteristics

The Australian Kelpie has a compact body, broad chest and powerful hindquarters.


The breed comes in black, red, chocolate, and blue, with or without tan and fawn.


The breed has a short, dense undercoat and an easy-to-groom weather-repellent outer coat.

Australian Kelpie Personality and Temperament

Activity Level



While the Australian Kelpie is not normally aggressive but will be protective when necessary. The breed is good with children when they are raised with them from an early age and properly socialized.

Things to Consider

The Australian Kelpie needs an assertive owner that understands the canine need for leadership. Problems can occur with owners that don’t exert authority over the Australian Kelpie or provide enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Australian Kelpie Care

Ideal Living Conditions

The Australian Kelpie is no couch potato and would not do well living in an apartment. The breed needs plenty of space to run and exercise, and is happiest having a job.

Special Requirements

The Australian Kelpie is a workaholic and will try to herd other dogs, pets and animals given the opportunity.

Australian Kelpie Health

The Australian Kelpie is prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a retinal degeneration causing partial to total blindness.

Australian Kelpie History and Background

The Australian Kelpie is descended from English North Country collies used to herd sheep and brought to Australia in the second half of the 19th century. The popular working dogs are used to herd cattle, goats, poultry and reindeer in Australia. The Australian Kelpie has been recognized as a breed since 1870.

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