Thomas Farley

Columnist and television commentator Thomas P. Farley grew up in a suburban neighborhood with beloved canines around every cul de sac. When the young man who would one day become known as Mister Manners moved to New York City, he dreamed of adopting a dog himself—a goal that was quickly waylaid by the demands of his incessant travel schedule. With the shift to work-from-home in 2020 and with most of his speaking engagements going virtual, he’s once again hopeful of becoming a dog parent—even a foster. “My dream would be to welcome to my home a pup who—like me—truly appreciates and embraces life in Manhattan,” he says. “I live on the Upper West Side, a place that is particularly dog-friendly.” He’s happy to report that the humans and canines in the blocks surrounding his home are almost always on their best behavior—model examples of the principles he encourages in Pet Central’s “Petiquette” column. An avid runner, in-line skater and hiker, Thomas embraces the outdoors while savoring the joy of relaxing in a beautiful interior, particularly one with a midcentury-modern flair.
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