9 Senior Cats and Dogs Living Their Best Life

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Senior cat Mike living his best life hiking in the snow
Courtesy of adventuresofmikeandlily/Instagram

9 Senior Cats and Dogs Living Their Best Life

Age is nothing but a number, and since it’s unclear whether dogs and cats know how to count, that number probably means even less to them.

Senior dogs and cats don’t let a little thing like age slow them down, especially when there are toys to play with, naps to take and strange smells to investigate. And these nine senior cats and dogs are here to prove it.

1. Lil’ Hobbs, Age 9


Courtesy of lil.hobbs/Instagram

Lil’ Hobbs was already a senior when he was adopted in 2016 by Kathryn Herrera, who had recently finished grad school in NYC. Found as a stray in the Bronx, Lil’ Hobbs was a grump with everyone except Herrera. When the pair moved to California in November 2018, however, Hobbs regained his sweet puppy-like spunk. Now the pampered pooch spends his days sunbathing and hanging by the pool and beach, and who could hate that life?

2. Ella, Age 8

There’s just no way to look at a face like Ella’s and not feel utterly alive. Not only is she a beauty, but she also loves every minute of her golden years. Ella spends her days adventuring outdoors, tucking her toys under her giant lips, doing zoomies around the house and snuggling with her mom, Julie. Basically, Ella is a timeless goddess.

3. Savannah, Age 12

Sure, Savannah likes to snooze the day away on occasion, but it’s not because of her age. She just knows the importance of getting her beauty rest. And wherever there’s a sunny spot, Savannah is there basking in the warm rays and showing off her best angles.

4. Midge, Age 12

If you ever feel too old to achieve success, remember that Midge here is 12 years old and still is winning “Best in Show” medals, like her recent victory in the Best in Senior title at the American Rescue Dog Show. She also has a giant goofy grin in almost every one of her photos. Midge just gets it.

5. Mike, Age 13

Mike, and his kitty sis, Lily, spend their days hiking, climbing and kayaking through the Canadian Rockies with their humans, Stephanie and Landon Ketterer. Mike is simply too busy to notice a few grays popping up in his fur or to question if he’s too old to explore the great outdoors. This senior kitty lives for his next adventure, and thanks to his parents, he always looks dapper while out and about.

6. Fuzzyboots, Age 10

When someone tries to convey that you should take the time to appreciate life, they usually tell you to stop and smell the roses. Well, Fuzzyboots takes that literally. Beyond admiring roses, she spends her days playing with toys and palling around with her cat siblings, Freya and Fimbul.

7. Romy, Age 9

Romy has the kind of face that will remain etched on your soul forever, because it’s so sweet and charming. Thankfully, her human mom, @AmyCBest, is a photographer, who takes lots of pictures and shares them on social media for us all to enjoy. It doesn’t matter that she’s a senior dog—Romy loves hamming it up in front of the camera like a perky puppy with her tongue out.

8. George, Age 14

George is not only a senior cat, he’s also a survivor. Despite serious health issues, most recently liver complications and gallstones, here he sits as proud as a cat in a peacock costume can be. Despite what he’s overcome, George still gets into all kinds of adorable kitty trouble with his cat siblings, Izzy and Emma. And he knows how to have fun—even if it’s just to put a smile on his hooman’s face. We all should be a little more like George.

9. Kiki, 15

Despite her old age, Kiki shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, she still takes time to get all gussied up like a true princess, because self-love is so important, and Kiki knows her worth.

Even though we all want our pets to live forever, and officially reaching the “senior” age bracket is a reminder that it’s important to celebrate the time we have with our senior cats and dogs now. They aren’t paying attention to clocks ticking and time passing by, so why should you?

By Chrissa Hardy


By: Chrissa HardyUpdated: