7 Rottweiler Gifts for Dog Lovers

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7 Rottweiler Gifts for Dog Lovers

We’ve all seen Rottweilers out with their doting parents. It’s easy to see why these big beauties engender such intense feelings of devotion.

They’re the poster boys (or girls) for courage and committment. Rotties are known as a super loyal breed—and their humans are equally loyal to them. For the Rottie dads and moms in your life, here are seven Rottweiler gifts for birthdays, housewarmings, holidays and “just because.”

1. Show Off Your Love

Rottweiler Gifts Figurine

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The expression on this realistic Conversation Concepts Rottweiler figurine captures the breed’s playful side. This hand-sculpted and hand-painted cast resin design provides lots of detail for its 5-inch-by-3-inch size.

This adorable figurine is the perfect “Let me tell you about my dog…” conversation starter—as if Rottie parents need one! (P.S. It comes in other breeds, too.)

2. Stick to Your Story

rottweiler gifts

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A budget-friendly present like Imagine This Company’s bone magnet, which reads “I [heart] my Rottweiler,” sticks to anything magnetic, be it a file cabinet, a mailbox, a desk lamp or a refrigerator. Or, if you want to take it out on the road, the magnet can be displayed on a car bumper, too.

Thanks to the special high-gloss UV ink, it won’t fade from weather elements. This dog gift is a thoughtful pick for a Rottweiler devotee who is tight on space at home or the workplace. It takes up no space at all!

3. Sip With Pride

Rottweiler Gifts Drinking Mug for Dog Lovers

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It can be hard to find practical gifts for dog lovers that capture the essence of their pups, but that ends now for the Rottie lover in your life. Enter the Pet Gifts USA My Faithful Friend mug.

The picture is designed by renowned Danbury Mint artist Tamara Burnett. On the back of the mug you’ll find three traits of the breed: alert, loyal and protective.

This 15 oz. mug holds plenty of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Should an impromptu play session with your (big) fur baby cause your drink to get cold, the earthenware mug pops right into the microwave. It’s also dishwasher safe.

4. Make a Statement

Rottweiler gifts

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Whether Imagine This Company’s “It’s Not a Home Without a Rottweiler” sign is hung on the front door, in the kitchen or—hey, why not?—in the bathroom, the message is clear: The Rottie rules the roost! The wood frame and rope hanger lends a warm, rustic touch to this sweet sign as it watches over a happy home—just like the dog it’s honoring. If you’re hunting for clever Rottweiler gifts, your search may well end here.

5. Cleanup With Rottweiler Hand Towels

Rottweiler gifts towels

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The next time you’re invited to the home of a Rottweiler parent, bring along Avanti Linens dog hand towels a hostess gift. They come in a set of two and are crafted of plush (500 grams per meter) cotton terrycloth.

Sized to serve as dish towels in the kitchen or hand towels in the bathroom, the rich colored embroidery will add a pop of personality to either room. Plus, they’re machine-washable.

6. Hang Up the Search for Dog Gifts

rottweiler gifts towels

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Made proudly in the USA, the SportHooks leash and key holder will thrill the neatnik Rottweiler parents you know. It stylishly corrals dog leashes, harnesses, keys, baseball caps—even towels in the bathroom.

The powder-coated steel dog leash holder can be installed on a front porch or in a breezeway. It comes in two sizes, both of which double as a handy helpmate and tasteful dog decor. (Definitely gift the larger version if your recipient shares heart and home with two Rotties!)

7. Take a Crash Course in Advanced Rottie

Rottweiler Gifts

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The best way to care for your pup is to truly understand him. New or concientious Rottie parents will enjoy receiving the “Rottweilers for Dummies” book by Richard G. Beauchamp.

This Rottie guidebook contains informative facts from behavioral traits and nutritional needs to training tips. Even experienced Rottweiler parents may find more than a few surprises in this comprehensive handbook.

From fun signs to interesting books, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for that special Rottweiler someone. And a little something for yourself!

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