6 Beagle Gifts Every Beagle Fan Needs

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6 Beagle Gifts Every Beagle Fan Needs

Everyone who shares their home with a Beagle should have some sort of Beagle-centric décor in or outside of their home. When searching for the perfect Beagle gifts, one thing is for certain—if it includes an image of this trusting, loyal and adorable breed, you’re good to go!

Below are six gifts for Beagle lovers that make perfect presents for today, tomorrow and every special occasion to come.

1. Dimension 9’s Beagle Coffee Mug

beagle mug

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This Beagle mug showcases one fine-looking hound, and it’s one of the best gifts for Beagle lovers. This way, Beagle fans can show the breed some appreciation every morning as they sit and enjoy their morning beverage—after their Beagle licks them awake, of course!

This 8-ounce ceramic white mug features a beautifully painted image of a Beagle on the front and black paw prints on the mug’s inner rim. Since it’s dishwasher and microwave safe, this simple-to-clean mug is a gift designed to last.

2. Trademark Fine Art’s “Farley” by Pat Saunders Canvas Wall Art

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For fans of Beagles, art and wall décor, this gift fits the bill. Available in two sizes—18-inches by 24-inches or 26-inches by 32-inches—this Beagle portrait was painted by Pat Saunders-White, a well-known pet portrait artist.

Created using a giclée process, an advanced way to create high-quality fine art reproductions, the pieces are water-resistant, UV-coated, gallery wrapped and ready to hang. They certainly make a super stylish and sophisticated way to exhibit love for the Beagle breed.

3. Susquehanna Glass’s Beagle-Themed Stemless Wine Glass Set

beagle wine glasses

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Wine glasses need not be excluded from Beagle gifts for dog lovers, and this set features adorable, hand-sandblasted images on stemless wine glasses. The hilarious puns on these glasses are “Beaglejuice,” “The Beagles,” “Fly Like a Beagle,” and “Regal Beagle.”

Each glass displays a corresponding Beagle picture that is manually etched on the glasses by skilled artisans from a family-owned business in the United States. This four-pack of 21-ounce glasses is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Cheers to this Beagle-inspired gift!

4. Imagine This Company’s Beagle Street Sign

beagle street sign

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When searching for the perfect dog gifts for Beagle lovers, it would be impossible to pass up a decorative street sign that reads “Beagle Blvd” on both sides. This realistic sign is made out of durable plastic and is fashioned after an authentic street sign.

Measuring 6 inches by 8 inches, the sign can be hung indoors or out and is equipped for simple hanging. Next up, find a way to get your GPS to update your address with the new “street” on the block.

5. Avanti Linens’ Beagle 2-Pack Hand Towel

beagle hand towel

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A pair of 100-percent cotton terry cloth hand towels with hand-embroidered Beagles can make a warm and fuzzy way for Beagle owners to showcase their love and affection for their four-legged hounds. This ultra-soft hand towel set is a great choice of gifts for Beagle lovers in your life; the absorbent towels are a practical and whimsical gift all in one.

6. “Beagles for Dummies” Book

beagles for dummies

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Written by dog trainer Susan McCullough, this 300-page book covers everything a new Beagle parent needs to know about the amiable hound. This comprehensive reference book is easy to read and makes an ideal gift for anyone preparing to add a Beagle to their lives as well as for those who want to learn more about their quirky, smart and sometimes stubborn Beagle pup. Topics include behavioral issues, training insights and breed-specific health considerations.

The possibilities of finding the perfect dog gifts for Beagle owners are immense. The challenge might be choosing just one! You can surprise a Beagle lover with the perfect mix of original, fun and useful Beagle gifts.

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