5 Outdoor Dog Activities You’ll Love Doing With Your Pup

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5 Outdoor Dog Activities You’ll Love Doing With Your Pup

Dogs reap several benefits from exercise. While exercise encourages the physical wellness of dogs, it also offers mental health advantages. Veterinarian Dr. Susan Nelson states that, “Exercising with your pet also promotes the human-animal bond.”

The best way to exercise is by enjoying some fun pet games outside with your pup. It’s time to nourish the bond you have with your furry family member and get them outdoors for some mental enrichment. Here are five easy-to-execute dog games that you and your canine companion can enjoy for healthy summertime fun.

5 Outdoor Dog Activities

1. Water Fetch

Does your dog love water? How about fetch? Whether you have a kiddie pool or full-size pool, you and your dog can enjoy a super-fun game of water fetch.

A fantastic toy option for water fetch is the Kurgo Backyard Birdie Dog Toy! This chewable, non-toxic dog toy is designed to float on water, so your fetch-loving dog will chase it for as long as you are willing to throw it. You can also enhance the fun with the Outward Hound SplashBombz Ring Dog Toy, which is sure to keep your dog splashing in the sun!

Swimming dogs will love playing water fetch to keep them cool and engaged. This activity offers your dog plenty of physical stimulation that’s easier on the joints of older dogs. After a day spent water fetching, you’ll be sure to have a tired-out pup!

2. Hide-and-Seek

Hide-and-seek is not just a children’s game anymore! Head outside to your backyard or a local dog-friendly park.

Fill up the Outward Hound Fun Feeder with your pup’s favorite kibble or treats, then have your dog sit and stay while you hide it, or ask a friend to help keep your dog still while you hide it. Release your dog and watch them scramble to find the Fun Feeder. Another option is to stay with the bowl and call your pup to it.

However you choose to play, your furry friend will be justly rewarded for his skills! Hide-and-seek is the perfect option to get your dog’s nose and mind working hard.

3. Hose and Pool Games

There are a handful of fun things to do with your dog when you have a pool, hose or sprinkler!

If you don’t already have a dog-friendly pool, check out the Cool Pup Splash About Dog Pool. You can easily fold up and travel with this extra-tough PVC pool for dogs. Whether you set it up on the deck or in the grass, your dogs will appreciate a reprieve from the heat.

Allow your pup to relax, splash around or play with one of the water fetch toys! If your dog doesn’t prefer swimming but still enjoys water, consider using a moveable sprinkler or hose. Your canine companion will get sufficient exercise while running through the refreshing water on scorching summer days.

4. Sandbox Fun

Is your dog a digger? Construct your own sandbox or purchase a children’s sandbox at a local retailer. Fill it with some sand and let the fun begin! Hide your pup’s favorite dog toys in the sand for them to dig out. Be sure to supervise her while she plays in the sand, and remember to take lots of photos for your pet parent album!

5. Not-So-Traditional Fetch

We talked about water fetch, but let’s bring it back to traditional fetch with a twist!

According to veterinarian Dr. Susan Nelson, “Obesity is a big problem in pets, just as it is with people, and exercising helps keep the dog’s weight down.”

What better way for your dog to exercise than running after a ball? Take your typical game of fetch up a notch by using the Chuckit! Launcher. Forget needing incredible arm strength to throw the ball a long distance. The Chuckit! will launch the ball three times as far! And that slobbery ball? You can easily pick it up using the Chuckit! without having to bend down and touch a yucky ball.

Your pup will get plenty of necessary exercise in a game of Chuckit! fetch. Looking for a more standard game of fetch? Pick up the Nerf Dog Float Flyer Dog Toy to encourage your dog to romp and play. This durable rubber flying disc can be used in the backyard, on the beach or in the pool for boundless summer fun.

Instead of dealing with a restless dog for the remainder of the summer, take him outside to get that extra mental and physical exercise. All the outdoor dog activities you can both do together are endless! Pet games can help relieve stress or pent-up energy while strengthening your bond, so get out there and enjoy!


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