5 Gray Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

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5 Gray Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat parents enjoy flaunting their love for their fur babies, and many will take every occasion they can to showcase their affection and appreciation for their purring pets. If you or someone you know is lucky enough to live with a gray cat or just loves gray felines in general, then getting gray cat-inspired gifts is a must!

Luckily, there are adorable gifts for cat lovers that will remind recipients of the beloved gray cat in their life. From home decor to kitchen goodies to kitty-inspired fashion, we’ve selected cat gifts with hints of gray and lots of purr-sonality.

1. Fringe Studio’s Doodle Cat Coffee Mug

cat mug

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With adorable cat faces all over, some with gray patches, this cat mug is the best way to start your morning. Fringe Studio’s cat mug holds 15 fluid ounces of any hot or cold beverage, and it can be used to hold pens or candy goodies on your desk at work. This cat mug is a functional and adorable gift for any cat lover.

2. “The Complete Cat Breed Book”

the complete cat breed book

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Want to find all the breeds sporting a gorgeous gray coat? The “Complete Cat Breed Book” is the book for you.

Written by Dorling Kindersley, this 256-page comprehensive reference guide to all cat breeds covers basic cat information on nutrition, health and exercises, as well as temperament profiles and breed-specific facts. Full of information on more than 50 cat breeds, there’s no shortage of photos and charts. It’s one of those great gifts for cat lovers who love to study feline breeds. 

3. True Zoo’s Paws Off Glass Markers

cat wine glass markers

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Have you ever been at a cocktail party and you couldn’t tell your glass apart from the other guests’? These glass markers offer a purr-fect solution.

The pack consists of six small kittens in various colors—including gray—that are primed to hang on the rims of any cup, glass or can.

The 1¼-inch hanging cats grip onto the rim, watching your drink when you step away for a moment. And to make cleanup a little easier, these kitty markers are dishwasher safe.

4. Socksmith Women’s Cat Over-the-Knee Socks

gray cat socks

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Statement socks are very much on trend, and cat lovers do not hesitate to participate in quirky, feline fashion statements. Therefore, gray knee-high cat socks make phenomenal cat gifts for gray cat parents and fans!

These durable, soft, knee-high socks feature little gray cat faces on them and are made out of a high-quality cotton, nylon and spandex blend. With these socks, your gift recipient will stand out from the crowd and make a bold, cat-loving statement to all who walk past! 

5. Susquehanna Glass Feline Faces Stemless Wine Glass Set

cat wine glass

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Going to a cat-lover friend’s house for dinner? Gift this adorable wine glass set and prepare for a warm welcome—and wine, lots of wine.

This stemless wine glass set includes four 21-ounce glass tumblers with sandblasted images of cat faces that are manually etched on the glasses by skilled artisans from a family-owned business in the United States. While not technically gray, the cat faces are absolutely charming, and they’re accompanied by the corresponding words: “Curious,” “Frisky,” “Lovey” and “Catnipped.” Add in that they are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and you’ve found some impeccable gifts for cat lovers.

When shopping for gray cat gifts, it’s easy to get bogged down with dull cat-shaped or -patterned items. However, finding practical, quirky and cat-centric items is like hitting the kitty jackpot!

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