10 Reasons Every Day Should Be National Dog Day

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10 Reasons Every Day Should Be National Dog Day

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives. We are forever grateful for their unconditional love, slobbery kisses and goofy grins. They do so much for us that it’s only fitting to have a day set aside to celebrate and honor these loyal companions.

National Dog Day, held annually on August 26, is a day to reflect on all of the reasons why dogs are so amazing and to show our four-legged friends just how much we love and appreciate them.

But is one day really enough? Here are 10 reasons why every day should be National Dog Day.

1. They fully support our junk food addiction.

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No judgment here.

2. They make the derpiest faces that make us laugh no matter what.

Derpy dog

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Derpy faces cure all.

3. And do the derpiest things.

Depry dog

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Dog logic.

4. They make the best binge-watching buddies.

Funny dog on couch

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They never skip ahead and watch episodes of your favorite shows without you!

5. They inspire us to be more active.

Dogs racing humans

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You could come up with 100 reasons why you should never go outside (there’s PEOPLE out there!), but if you have a dog, you have one very good reason to get up, go outside and enjoy some fresh air.

6. They help us to be more social.

Popular dog

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Speaking of going outside, when we’re out and about, our dogs are attention magnets. They’re the celebrities and you’re the celebrity’s assistant caught in the background of a paparazzi pic with your mouth open. But with all that attention can come the opportunity to meet new people and possibly even *gasp* make new friends!

7. They can always tell when you’re sad and could use some cheering up.

National Dog Day cuddle dog

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They just know.

8. They make sure you never have to sleep alone.

National DOg day: Dog hogging the bed

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Even though they have a comfy orthopedic dog bed just for themselves.

9. They’re always so helpful.

National Dog Day: Dop helping with tape measure

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Or at least they they try to be.

10. And lastly, no one loves you as much as your dog.

National Dog Day: Dog hugging human

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Dogs just might love you more than they love themselves.

By Stephanie Brown


By: Stephanie BrownUpdated: