These Are the Best Flea Treatments for Dogs of 2022, According to Dog Parents

By: Linda RodgersUpdated:

best flea treatments for dogs
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Flea treatment for dogs is one of those pet parent must-haves. Yeah, it’s not as fun to buy as, say, a squeaky toy or big, comfy dog bed, but fleas and other pests can cause serious problems for your pooch. And they’ll need it all year round too, even if their idea of the Great Outdoors is a stroll around the block. You (yes, you!) can bring fleas and ticks inside without knowing it, risking an infestation. But with so many options—from dog flea collars to dog flea pills—how do you know which is the best flea treatment for your dog?

The best flea treatments for dogs keep these pests far away from your furry BF and fit with you and your pet’s lifestyle. Are you and your doggo avid hikers? Then you might go for a dog flea collar that you can forget about for six months. Does your dog refuse to take a pill no matter how much peanut butter you try to hide it in? A tasty dog chew for fleas might be a better option.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best flea treatments for dogs based on Chewy customer ratings, reviews and sales. You’ll be sure to stop the itch with these pet-parent tested and approved products.

Getting close to our furry friends is something all pet parents enjoy. Unfortunately, fleas do too! Your dog is bound to come across these bugs at some point or another in their life. The good news is that with careful attention to prevention and researching the best flea treatments for dogs, it’s easy to protect your best bud.