These Are the Best Flea Treatments for Cats, According to Cat Parents

By: Linda RodgersUpdated:

best flea treatment for cats
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All cats—even indoor-only cats—need some form of flea control. That’s because fleas and other pests can hitch a ride on you and any other four-legged family member and then latch onto your kitty. But with so many options on the market, from cat flea collars to flea pills for cats, how do you know what the best flea treatment is for your cat?

We’ve rounded up Chewy’s top-selling and top-rated flea treatment for cats, from the best topical treatment to the best flea collar. Pet-parent approved and tested, these flea treatments for cats do a purr-fect job of keeping biting bugs away from your fur baby.

These flea treatments are safe, reliable and already vetted by other cat parents just like you, so you can feel confident it will help keep pest and the itching at bay. Just remember to check your pick with your vet first to make sure you use the correct dosage and formula for the size of your cat. (And NEVER use a flea treatment that was made for another animal, like dogs.) Next on your to-do list? Treat your home so the fleas don’t come back.