The Best Cat Toothbrushes for Optimal Oral Health

By: Kristen ArendtUpdated:

best cat toothbrushes

Much like for humans, good dental hygiene is essential for your cat, too. Plaque build-up on your cat’s teeth can lead to a whole host of issues—from bad breath to tartar buildup to periodontal disease. Brushing your cat’s teeth can help keep the plaque at bay, and you’ll need the right equipment—namely a good toothbrush designed for pets and some cat toothpaste.

We’ve rounded up Chewy pet parents' top picks for the best cat toothbrush so you can easily pick from our list of top-rated, best-selling toothbrushes to get started on your cat’s new and improved oral health habit.

Make your cat’s oral hygiene a priority with the best cat toothbrush. A few minutes of brushing as part of your new routine will have you feeling good about their fresh breath, shiny teeth and improved overall health. Brush up on how to brush your cat’s teeth to make sure you’ve got the right technique in addition to the right tools for the job.