Cat Grooming Tips to Keep Your Kitty Pretty

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Cat Grooming Tips to Keep Your Kitty Pretty

Cats are elegant creatures, born with natural beauty and self-grooming instincts. While your cat probably spends about half of her day grooming herself, she still needs a little help from her pet parent. Cat grooming often consists of brushing, bathing and nail clipping. Grooming not only keeps your kitty looking pretty, but also helps build a bond between you and your precious pet.

“I think most cats could benefit from a groom, and it would amaze owners to see how much excess hair gets removed and how happy a clean kitty is,” says Chrissy Schultz, Cat Groomer and Owner of Happy Cat Grooming. “Some cats need to be groomed more often because they have excessively greasy coats, which contribute to mats forming,” Schultz said. Cat grooming can also help reduce symptoms in owners with allergies. “Kitties that live in a family with owners who suffer from allergies or who have developed allergies since adopting their cats can benefit from grooming. Cat grooming reduces some of the allergens and makes it possible for [kitties] to stay in their homes.”

There are several ways to groom a cat, but cat grooming pet supplies can help. With the right tools at your disposal, pet grooming can be a little easier, and it can become a bonding experience.

Cat Brushes: Your cat already uses her tongue to lick her body clean, but brushing your cat’s fur can help your cat maintain a healthy coat and nourished skin. A good cat brush will remove dirt, help spread natural oils throughout her coat and prevent tangles. It’s also a great opportunity to scan your pet for pests or skin conditions. For shorthaired cats, brushing once a week will do. Longhaired cats require brushing daily. A metal comb is great for removing knots, while a rubber brush helps to remove dead and loose hair. Hairball prevention is an added benefit of brushing. Hairballs form when your cat licks and ingests too much loose hair. Not only can loose hair get all over your furniture and clothes, but dealing with yucky hairballs is no fun. Hairball prevention spray along with a good grooming session can help reduce hairballs in your home. The FURminator deshedding tool can also cut down on the amount of loose hair ingested from the undercoat. Brushing your cat’s fur is relaxing, and it’s a great way to bond with your pet.

Bathing Your Cat: Most cats aren’t exactly thrilled about being submerged in water, but bathing can sometimes be a necessary part of cat grooming. Most indoor cats may never actually need baths, but your cat may need a bath if she’s rolled around outside or gotten into something sticky. Use a gentle pet shampoo to help remove dirt and allergens from your cat’s coat, while simultaneously hydrating her skin. When bathing your cat, gently massage in the cat shampoo— and be mindful of her ears, eyes and nose. If bathing your cat is an ordeal, pet bath wipes for cats are a great way to keep your cat clean between baths or professional grooming visits.

Clipping Claws: Nail clipping is an important part of pet grooming, but it’s also one of the most stressful. Many pet parents avoid clipping claws for fear of causing pain to their precious pet. But without proper nail clipping, your cat could seriously harm herself. Your cat uses her paws to scrub her face, head and ears. If left uncut, her claws could leave behind scratches. When your kitty’s claws are long, she uses whatever is at her disposal to file them down. That could include your furniture. You can keep your cat from clawing up your living room by trimming her nails regularly. Gentle nail clipping tools make this aspect of pet grooming easier on both you and your pet. If your kitty is squeamish, try distracting her with treats as you clip her claws.

There’s no denying that cats do an excellent job of keeping clean. And with a little extra grooming help from you, your kitty can keep her nails trimmed just right and may never have to deal with stressful hairballs or dirty fur.

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