Your Complete Guide to Cute Dog Clothes for Fall 2020

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cute dog clothes for fall

Your Complete Guide to Cute Dog Clothes for Fall 2020

Pooch-perfect sweatshirts, protective rain gear and snuggly hoodies—is there anything cuter than a well-dressed pup?

Fall is in the air and that can only mean one thing—it’s time to update your pet’s wardrobe with fresh new staples, like dog rain jackets and coats, in trending styles, like color blocking and plaids, to give your fur baby some serious street style. To get the low down on all the cute dog clothes for Fall 2020, we chatted with San Tran, who works on Chewy’s own pet fashion line, Frisco.

“Some of our trends this fall include color blocking, buffalo plaid in red and multi-colors, and peacoats and peacoat dresses,” Tran says. “Fashionable items—like sequined hoodies and plush fur materials—are also seen across our assortment of hoodies and coats.”

Her fave fall look? “Our turtleneck sweater with sleeves,” she says. “It looks absolutely adorable on pets, and I just can’t wait to see our customer pictures once these are out on the market.”

What to Consider When Buying Fall Pet Fashion

As you shop for all the cute dog clothes on the market, keep these factors top of mind:

  • How Does the Clothing Fit? Even if Queen Fluff is all about paw-couture fashion, comfort and fit still matter. So pull out that measuring tape! “As much as it is a hassle, we really do recommend measuring your pet by the neck, chest and body length to find the most suitable size in Frisco apparel rather than assuming based off of breed, as even one breed can come in many sizes and shapes,” advises Tran. This would be an important step in finding the best fit for any pet fashion brand.
  • Does Your Dog Have Long or Short Hair? Like humans, some doggos are more likely to get the shivers than others. Usually, it’s short-haired dogs who need a bit more coverage and bulk compared to sweet beasts with majestic coats.
  • What’s Your Climate Like? In the same way you wouldn’t buy an ultra-heavy winter coat if you lived in a warm climate, pups lapping up sunshine in the tropics or desert this winter can do without the heft. Think about the weather extremes and precipitation in your area when shopping.
  • Does Your Dog Like Wearing Clothes? While some pups might love putting on the pomp at the pumpkin patch, others aren’t quite so into the idea of dress up. Ultimately, think about your own dog’s disposition and how easy it’ll be to get them in and out of the garments. Tran says, “Chewy has options that offer good chest coverage but takes a few more steps to put on, or coats that have neck and belly straps, which are quick to put on.”

Our Favorite Cute Dog Clothes for Fall 2020

If you’re amped to add to your dog’s autumn clothing collection, start with these five categories.

Dog Rain Jackets

Goodbye wet dog smell and hello style struttin’ mutt. “Raincoats can help to keep your dog dry, which makes the drying off process much easier once they return from their outdoor business back inside your home,” notes Tran. “We have so much fun creating colors and patterns … so there’s good options for everyone.” We’re paws-itive your pup will be queen (or king) of the rainfall ball in this Frisco Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat. How adorable is the yellow rubber ducky print?

Perfect for: wet and soggy climates

cute dog clothes - dog rain jackets
cute dog clothes - color block dog hoodie
Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat
cute dog clothes -clear dog rain jacket
Frisco Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat
cute dog clothes for fall - reversible dog rain jacket
Frisco Reversible Travel Dog Raincoat

Dog Jackets

The best dog jackets combine functionality and style. “Chewy has many options ranging from lightweight to heavier parkas," Tran says. "We also offer options like sleeves or sleeveless, water-resistance, reversible coats, hooded and non-hooded, hook and loop fasteners for easy on and off, leash holes, and functioning pockets." Prevent your fur friend from turning into a pup-sicle with this quilted bomber jacket. A quilted jacket is a fall fashion staple in human apparel, so your dog will be toasty and timeless.

Perfect for: cold climates

cute dog clothes - dog jackets for fall
cute dog clothes for fall- dog jacket
Frisco Plaid Hooded Dog Peacoat
cute dog clothes for fall- dog jacket peacoat dress
Frisco Dog Peacoat Dress
cute dog clothes - dog jacket peacoat
Frisco Dog Peacoat with Faux Fur

Dog Hoodies & Sweatshirts

A dog hoodie or sweatshirt is a must for every pup once the weather turns cooler, and there’s ample opportunity for a bow-WOW moment “Whether to wear around the house or stroll around in the street, a dog hoodie or sweatshirt is a great option for a light, warm touch for pets who don’t need a jacket,” Tran says. This Frisco dog hoodie taps into one the most popular trends of the season: buffalo plaid. But the solid heather gray color breaks up the plaid, giving it a more modern—less lumberjack—aesthetic.

Perfect for: moderate to cold climates

cute dog clothes - dog hoodies
cute dog clothes - colorblock dog hoodie
Frisco Colorblock Dog Hoodie
cute dg clothes - puppy hoodie
Frisco Püppy Dog Athletic Hoodie
cute dog clothes for fall - sequin dog hoodie
Frisco Sequin Dog Hoodie

Dog T-shirts

If you live in a warmer climate, or if Fido hangs inside most of the time, light dog t-shirts are the perfect solution for a bit of coverage minus the bulk. This “I Love Mommy T-shirt from Frisco is made from a breathable cotton, is easy to pull on and off, and ensures the world knows just how many heart-eye emojis you two throw at each other on a daily basis.

Perfect for: warm and sunny climates

cute dog clothes for fall - dog t-shirts
cute dog clothes - dog t-shirts- i love daddy
Frisco "I Love Daddy" Dog T-Shirt
cute dog clothes - dog t-shirt - treats
Wagatude "But First Treats" Dog T-Shirt
cute dog clothes for fall - dog t-shirt
Wagatude "Feed Me" Dog T-Shirt

Dog Vests

Vests offer slightly more warmth than a cotton tee, making them perfect for sunny, but chilly autumn days. Chewy’s own Frisco line of dog vests are made with a soft polyester fleece material, “which means they are super soft, flexible, warm, and easy to wear,” notes Tran. “They’re also a great piece to layer with under a jacket.” This ultra-cozy vest comes in multiple hues and has a stylish collar. It’ll turn your everyday walk into a red carpet event.

Perfect for: moderate climates

cute dog clothes - dog vests
cute dog clothes for fall - plaid dog vest
Frisco Plaid Fleece Dog Vest
cute dog clothes for fall - floral dog vest
Frisco Floral-Patterned Dog Vest
cute dog clothes - fleece dog  vest
Frisco Bears-Patterned Dog Vest

We know you care about your pet’s comfort, and the above cute dog clothes will help keep yours truly warm, cozy and dry all season long. Not to mention, they’ll be the most stylish dog on Bark Avenue.

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