Woman Offers To Sell Everything She Owns To Pay For Dog’s Lifesaving Surgery

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Woman Offers To Sell Everything She Owns To Pay For Dog’s Lifesaving Surgery

What would you be willing to part with if you knew it might save your dog’s life? Your clothes? Your TV? Your furniture? A U.K. woman is willing to sell anything and everything she owns to pay for a potentially lifesaving surgery for her dog. Devoted dog mom Dolly-Ann Osterloh plans to open her London flat to the public this Friday for 24 hours and, during that time, will take offers to purchase any of her items, The Guardian reports. People will also be able to participate via a livestream.

dog mom to sell everything

Dolly-Ann Osterloh is raising money to pay for surgery that could save her dog’s life. Via Snoopy’s Big Heart/Facebook

Osterloh needs the money to pay for pioneering heart surgery for her dog, Snoopy. Last month, Snoopy was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, which affects a flap located on the left side of the heart. The flap doesn’t function properly, which leads to abnormal blood flow inside the heart. Osterloh was reportedly told there was no cure for the disease, but then she came across a Facebook page with information about a surgery that could save the 9-year-old dog’s life, The Guardian reports.

Snoopy dog with medication

Snoopy was diagnosed with mitral valve disease last month and given a few months to live. Via Dolly-Ann Osterloh/YouTube

But here’s the catch: The surgery can only be paid for in cash and it costs more than $48,000. Even with her life savings, money borrowed from friends and family, and a personal loan, Osterloh is still several thousand dollars short. In addition to her yard sale of sorts, she has started a GoFundMe campaign. Osterloh rescued Snoopy years ago from a kill shelter in the United States, according to the GoFundMe page. He had been found in a trash can before ending up at a New Jersey shelter.

Snoopy rescued

Osterloh rescued Snoopy from a shelter in the United States. Here he is one day after being adopted. Via Snoopy’s Big Heart/GoFundMe

“Though he had been fiercely mistreated he never gave up hope and never lost his love for life,” Osterloh wrote on Snoopy’s GoFundMe page. “He has always been full of love, a humble creature who never barks or expects anything more than basic human kindness.”

Snoopy had been having breathing problems when Osterloh took him to the vet last month, according to The Guardian. That’s when she learned of the disease.

Snoopy cute closeup

Osterloh says there is nothing in this world more precious to her than Snoopy. Via Snoopy’s Big Heart/Facebook

Dr. Masami Uechi and Dr. Sabine Bozon with the Mighty Hearts Project will head up the surgery. Without it, doctors give Snoopy only a few months to live, according to his GoFundMe page. In addition to saving Snoopy’s life, Osterloh hopes to raise awareness about the disease and perhaps save other animals.

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