Winter Street Style 2019: Dog Fashion for Cold Weather

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dog winter clothes

Winter Street Style 2019: Dog Fashion for Cold Weather

Get ready, pet parents: Winter is coming. Depending on where you live, that could mean frigid temperatures, freezing rain, blizzards, sidewalks covered in salt—and fabulous dog winter clothes to help your pup weather it all.

Chances are, your dog will need some extra gear to safely and warmly make it through the coming season. But dressing your dog in their winter best doesn't have to be a chore. Why not make it a runway-worthy event instead?

Take it from the parents of some of Instagram's most famous dogs: When it comes to dog fashion, the holiday season is full of inspiration. Read on for tips on winter's hottest dog fashion trends.


Ashley Hargrove, the woman behind the @dtkaustin Instagram account and parent to Steven, a Brussels Griffon, is no novice when it comes to dog fashion.

“We have an entire chest of drawers full of clothes for him,” she says. “We dress him up in everything.”

This winter, both Hargrove and Steven will be sporting the buffalo plaid trend. Buffalo plaid is the name of the classic large check pattern, typically in black and red. (Think Paul Bunyan and real-life lumberjacks.)

“I have so much of that [in my own wardrobe], and we wanted to dress alike, so this is perfect,” says Hargrove, a wardrobe stylist based in Austin, Texas.

PetRageous Designs Jackson Buffalo Check Dog Toggle Jacket fits the bill, with that classic plaid and rugged accents like drawstring toggles.

Hargrove’s not alone. Plaid is one of this winter’s biggest trends in dog fashion, judging from our influencers’ picks. Memphis, Tennessee-based fashion blogger Megan Bonner is also dressing her Brussels Griffon, Apple, in the pattern this season.

“In the winter, I like to do buffalo checks and plaids,” explains Bonner, the woman behind and @pipmegan on Instagram. “And the Fab Dog Plaid Boucle Dog Coat is really thick. We walk our dogs every single night, all year round. That is really going to keep her warm whenever we walk in the winter.”

The Chilly Dog Buffalo Plaid Dog & Cat Sweater is a winner for Golden Retriever Bear, AKA @thatgoldendog, during chilly winter nights in Los Angeles, California.

“I love the color and pattern because it reminds me of the holidays,” says Bear’s mom, Candice Sedighan. “Bear’s coat always looks great with red as well!”

Plus, the sweater’s construction makes life easier for both pet and parent.

“I like the short sleeves, and that it [is] not difficult to move around in. It is also easy to put on and take off,” she says.

“Buffalo plaid will always be a classic staple for the colder seasons,” adds Kelsey Hopkins, dog mom to the three stars of the @thewhitestpupsyouknow Instagram feed: Beebs, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Labrador mix, and her brothers, Stache and Jax, in Carmel, Indiana. “It can be dressed up or dressed down.”

And though it’s not the most feminine outfit Beebs, the only girl in the “whitest pups” trip, has ever worn, “I love that it’s a unisex style so I can easily pair it with other outfits for my dogs,” Hopkins says.

If you’re not ready to drape your whole dog in buffalo plaid, look to Kokoro, an American Eskimo Dog, and Chibi, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the stars of Emily Wang’s Instagram account @emwng. For a subtler way to rock the style, Wang accessorizes their looks with the Lucy & Co Bandit Bandana.

“[Lucy & Co] always have really clean and modern and trendy designs, and the black and white checkered bandana is definitely that,” she says. “And it works on both our dogs.”

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H2: Puffer Vest

dog winter clothes
dog winter clothes
dog winter clothes

Photos by Kelsey Cherry 

Maitri Mody and her Pug, Ari, love matching outfits. So when the New York City-based accessory designer behind @honeyidressedthepug is looking for clothes for her dog, she keeps her own preferences in mind.

“My style is colorful with lots of prints,” she says, “so he’s also very colorful.”

And when New York gets cold, Ari needs gear that’s just as warm as it is vibrant.

“For New York winters, a puffer coat is an essential,” Mody says. “The Fab Dog Color Block Dog Puffer Vest has three colors, so there are lot of opportunities [for me] to match.”

The vest stood out, she explains, because it’s on-trend even by human standards.

“Color block stripes are very 'in' in human clothing. I’m always looking for that connection,” she says.

Los Angeles-based Sneakers, the Corgi of @sneakersthecorgi fame, will also be rocking the Fab Dog puffer vest this season. Its sleeveless design avoids a pitfall pet parent Connie Wu often encounters when dressing her Corgi: sleeves designed for dogs who are less, uh, vertically challenged.

“She has short little legs, so the one thing we have to watch out for in clothing is things with sleeves,” Wu explains. “They’re almost always too long for her.”

The Fab Dog Color Block Puffer Vest solves the sleeves problem by avoiding them altogether, and it also fit her long Corgi torso.

“Sometimes we’ll get stuff that only covers her halfway, but this vest looks super good on her,” Wu says.

Aside from the fit, Wu was drawn to the vest’s gender-neutral style.

“Sneakers is a girl, but we like to dress her in more tomboyish outfits,” Wu explains. “I like that the vest seems like it could work for a boy or a girl.”

Plus, she adores the color combo.

“The pop of red, I thought, was really cute,” she adds.

And it’s also right in line with Sneakers’ signature style.

“We like to put her in clothes that look a little bit preppy but not too cutesy, something that would look stylish or cute on a regular person,” Wu says. “I think there’s something really adorable about taking that style and putting it on a little loaf-shaped, potato dog.”

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Basic Hoodies

Hoodies are a style staple for humans when the weather gets cold. So it only makes sense that they’re essential winterwear for pets, too.

“I just really like hoodies in general,” Wang says. “Especially on Chibi, they look really cute.”

This season, both Kokoro and Chibi are rocking different versions of that winter staple. Corgi Chibi is sporting a Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie. It reminds Wang of hoodies from Los Angeles-based clothing company American Apparel. 

“They kind of mirror the hoodie culture in L.A.,” she says.

Kokoro’s hoodie, the Pawmain Pupreme Dog Streetwear Hoodie, imitates another clothing brand.

“Supreme is so huge. It’s like the spearhead of hypebeast culture,” Wang laughs. 

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Not-So-Basic Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters aren’t exactly new. But this year’s most stylish dog sweater options add unique and unusual elements to elevate the look above your average knitwear.

When shopping for Nika and Kira, stars of the Instagram account @2husketeers, pet parent Katlin Longfield says, “[I look for] anything that is a higher quality fabric to hold up to their ‘work hard, play harder’ attitude and sass. I like to call it their Huskitude. And with their ability to find all things dirty, messy or gross, something easily washable is preferred.”

The Canada Pooch Cargo Premium dog cardigan checks all those boxes, according to Longfield, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

“You can tell by looking at it that it's made with thicker, high quality fabric,” she says. “It'll hold up well to my active dogs, plus give them a little extra warmth on those really cold, Wisconsin-winter nights.”

Not to mention, details like cargo pockets and a sleek silhouette mean that the dogs will be both warm and on trend.

“I like the detail on the back with all the cute pockets and the fold over v-neck in the front with a button,” she says. “You usually don't get a lot of this detail on larger dog clothes, so it's nice to see it on this sweater.”

Another added bonus: “The little pockets are great for storing items such as extra dog bags and little treats,” Longfield points out. This is one dog sweater that works for both parents and pups!

The Long Dog Clothing Company Scout sweater has another perk: reversibility. That made it a perfect pick for Benji, Kathleen Ensign’s Yorkshire Terrier/Chihuahua mix who makes regular appearances on her fashion blog and Instagram account, KatWalkSF.

“It’s so soft and stylish,” says Ensign, who lives in San Francisco, California. “It’s easy to put on and has a simple design.”

With a trendy camouflage print that reverses into a seasonal, red French terry fabric, this is a perfect “extra layer for his evening walk when the fog rolls in,” Ensign says.

Benji seems to agree: “He loves it! He jumps right into it.”

New England winters can come with some seriously cold weather. But the stars of the @knoxandbear Instagram account—Knox, a Labrador/Golden Retriever mix; Bear, a Labrador/Shepherd mix; and Harper, a mutt with Boxer, Labrador, Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd ancestry—are ready in adorably matching sweaters.

“We wanted them to be matching. I feel like that’s the New England vibe,” says Jenna Donleavy, mom to the three dogs and Boston, Massachusetts, resident.

She dressed each pup in their own Chilly Dog Spencer Sweater.

“They’re somewhere between casual and formal, and I like the colors of it,” she explains. “It’s neutral enough that it’s not crazy. They’re not going to be really showy out on the sidewalk. And the collar is really cute folded on top.”

When you’re dressing three large breed dogs—all of whom weigh in at over 60 pounds, Donleavy says—size can be an issue. But these dog sweaters fit the pups, and they make it easy to dress the dogs for a walk in cold weather.

“Pullover sweaters are easy to get their paws through. With three dogs, it takes more time to get everyone dressed and undressed,” Donleavy points out, so styles that go off and on in a flash make life much easier.

While her sister Apple stays on trend in plaid, fashion blogger Bonner’s Pekenese, Ding Ding, will spend the winter sporting a chunky cableknit sweater.

“It appealed to me because it was very Christmasy, wintery looking ... I really liked the color on that one. It’s a like a marled burgundy color and it’s got a cableknit texture,” Bonner says.

Plus, “It’s really well made, and I like the leather on the back of it with the brand name Canada Pooch.”

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Nautical Details

It may be too cold for sailing, but nautical details are a trend that’ll continue into the winter, especially when it comes to accessories like dog leashes and collars. When they’re out on the town, Sneakers and Wu will stay connected using a marine-grade rope leash and collar by Found My Animal.

Wu says she likes the way they upgrade Sneakers’ style.

“I love the gold hardware that looks luxe, even though the neutrals look more rustic,” Wu says. “It feels like a good mix of materials. And it’s an extra-long leash, but there’s an option to clip these rings along the leash, so I can link up the leash to a table leg or use it to wrap around myself to walk her without using my hands.”

“The versatility of this leash is amazing!” adds Hopkins, who’ll be walking Beebs with the Found My Animal marine-grade rope set, too. “It can be used as a hands-free leash, slip leash or just a regular leash, making any situation easy. I love using rope because it feels better and softer in the hands, especially in cold months when your hands are already sore.”

Plus, she adds, “this black color will prevent dirt stains from showing so it will look good for a long time, even if we get in the usual messy dog situations.”

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Bow Ties

Bow ties: They’re not just for formalwear anymore. This season, stylish dogs are sporting bow ties in every situation.

The Max-Bone Gustav Bow Tie helps Bear of @thatgoldendog “look dapper for the holidays,” Sedighan says. “Bow ties are also great for making him more approachable to people when we are out and about, and he likes the extra attention.”

Plus, the Max-Bone Gustav Bow Tie does double duty as a collar.

“It can be loosened or tightened for the perfect fit,” Sedighan explains, “and [Bear] thinks it’s just like any of his other collars.”

And he’s not the only Bear to wear a bow tie this season. Boston-based Bear of @knoxandbear and his brother each got their own Max-Bone Wilhelmina Bow Tie—but those accessories are intended to highlight sister Harper just as much the boys.

“Sometimes Harper gets blended into the boy group,” Donleavy says, “so we wanted her to stand out [without a bow tie]. And we like that [the bow ties] are casual and matching. That’s our vibe.”

Plus, she adds, Knox and Bear will be able to rock them all year round.

“It’s nice that they can go with the sweaters, but you can also do them on their own,” she says. “So, they can wear the bow ties when the weather gets warm, too.”

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As sturdy as they are stylish, leather accessories are a no-brainer for fashion-forward dogs.

The Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash and coordinating Logical Leather Padded Dog Collar add an upscale edge to Steven’s look.

“I feel like harnesses these days are not super stylish,” Hargrove explains, “so I wanted to get a leash that was high-quality ... I always lean toward leather because I know it’s not going to break. It’s going to last through all weather, and it’s waterproof.”

Plus, she adds, the collar has a unique design element that keeps Steven at maximum comfort.

“That collar is amazing. It has a pad sewn into the neck, so there are no parts that will dig into his skin at all,” she says. “It’s like a pillow cushion sewn into the neck, so it’s incredibly soft. I’ve never seen this before—it’s such a smart idea!”

Bonner also selected a leather leash, this one by Soft Touch Collars, for Apple and Ding Ding this season.

“I thought that would look really nice with the colors and sweater material, kind of a Ralph Lauren look,” she says.

Ding Ding also sports Perri’s Havana Leather dog collar, which caught Bonner’s eye with its snakeskin accent.

“The leather part has gold hardware, so I really like that too,” she says.

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Kokoro, Chibi and Wang live in Los Angeles, where “cold is a relative term,” Wang says. But though subzero temperatures aren’t a problem for the trio, the holiday season in Southern California does come with some challenges. Most notably, rain.

“Raincoats are really important because both of my dogs don’t like being rained on,” Wang says. “And if it’s raining a lot, I don’t want to have to bathe them and wipe them down every time we come inside.”

To prepare for this year’s winter rain, both dogs are upgrading to an on-trend vinyl waterproof jacket.

“The clear [material] is pretty trendy in L.A.,” she says, “Very modern and clean. And it’s cute because you can see the full dog underneath.”

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dog winter clothes

Photo by Kelsey Cherry

Don’t write off hemp as mere hippie-wear. According to Mody, “It’s one of the most sturdy materials when it comes to dog accessories. You know it’s going to last, and it’s also environmentally friendly.”

That’s why she chose a collar and leash set from West Paw to complete Ari’s winter look. The West Paw Strolls Hemp Dog Collar has a “blue color to bring out the color in the jacket,” she says, while the matching Jaunts Comfort Grip Leash is “very functional. I wanted a leash that was longer that I could use at the park, and this is adjustable. I don’t want him off-leash, but I still want him to have a little length.”

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Snow Boots

Some dog fashion is optional. Other gear, like boots to protect paws from snow and salt, is necessary to keep dogs safe. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also look great.

Case in point: Frisco’s Anti-Slip Dog Boots, serving equal parts fashion and function.

“In Wisconsin winters it gets very cold, and we also have a lot of salt on the pavement to melt snow and ice, so we need something to protect their paws,” Longfield explains. “I love that they are all black to match any jacket or piece they wear with a little pop of white. I also like that they go up to their ankle only for maximum movement ability and a minimalistic style.”

Plus, Longfield adds, these boots are made for walking. “The rubber sole is a must on pavement. We've gone through so many boots that have worn out after just a couple of uses because they didn't have the rubber sole,” she says, adding that features like water-resistant fabric and reflectors for visibility add to their appeal.

“I also have to talk about the double Velcro straps,” she adds. “These puppies actually stay on, unlike many of the other boots we've tried—even after zoomies around the yard.”

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Frisco Anti-Slip Dog Boots

From plaid patterns to nautical nylon rope leashes, you’re sure to find a trend to fit your fashionable fur baby. But remember: No matter the season, whatever you put on your pup, make sure they are comfortable.

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