Top Holiday Gifts for Dogs

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Top Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Your four-legged friend showers you with kisses, welcome home dances and cuddles year-round. He’s always there to make you smile, as there are few problems his wagging tail can’t fix. Since it is the season for giving, why not spoil your pal with a little something special? Sure, your pup would be happy just spending any extra time with you, but why not enjoy each other’s company and treat your good boy to a new toy, dog bed or even a tasty new food to support his dog nutrition? The best dog gifts are the ones that will make him happy, comfortable and healthy today, tomorrow and in the new year to come. So, make sure your dog is on your nice list this holiday season and check out our hand-selected gifts for pets to find the ones you’ll know he’ll love the most. 

1. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Halo Liv-a-Littles Dog Treats 

Reward your pup with the taste and benefits of a high-protein snack. Halo dog treats come in a variety of tempting flavors, including Wild Salmon, Chicken Breast, Beef and New Zealand Lamb Liver. These freeze-dried, grain-free snacks can be given on their own or crumbled up and served as a topper over your pup’s regular dog food to add a little festive flair to his mealtime without compromising on dog nutrition.

2. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Midwest iCrate Single Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate 

One of the best gifts you can give your pet is the feeling of security. Keep him feeling safe during your holiday parties, dinners or just any day of the week with this portable and secure dog crate. Featuring rounded corners for your pet’s protection and a safe and secure slide bolt latch, you can feel good knowing your pet is out of harm’s way while you deck the halls.

3. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Turkey Biscuits Grain-Free Dog Treats 

Keep his paws off your Christmas cookies and instead give him a goodie made especially for him. Oven-baked with the mouth-watering taste of real turkey, these treats are also grain-free, making them the perfect reward for a pup with a sensitive tummy.

4. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Merrick Kitchen Bites Grain-Free Biscuits Dog Treats 

Straight from Merrick’s kitchen to yours, these cookie shapes and flavors are especially designed to tempt your pet’s palate. Grammy’s Pot Pie, Wingalings Applewood Bacon and Cowboy Cookout biscuits are all-natural, oven-baked treats made with dog nutrition in mind. Real, deboned meat is the first ingredient, and these kitchen bites are both grain- and gluten-free.

5. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Pet Feeder 

Make mealtime easy for both you and your pet, never missing dinnertime by a single minute again. This 12-meal automatic pet feeder allows for flexible portions from 1/8 cup to 4 cups so you can schedule a feeding routine to fit your pet’s needs and your daily regimen.

6. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: The Honest Kitchen Cuddles Grain-Free Fish & Pumpkin Recipe Cookie Dog Treats 

You can feel good about rewarding your dog with these tasty treats because they are only 8 calories each, so you can treat your pal over and over again.

7. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: K&H Pet Products Memory Sleeper Dog Bed and Microwavable Bed Warmer 

Keep him comfy, cozy and warm this holiday season with a bed and bed warmer that can take the pressure off his joints. The core of this super-thick memory sleeper dog bed is ingeniously designed for genuine memory foam comfort and is easy to clean and maintain. And you can ramp up his comfort factor by simply microwaving this bed warmer for a few minutes—and it will stay warm up to eight hours in a climate-controlled indoor environment.

8. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Probiotic Dog Supplement 

A healthy tummy makes for a happy pet, so a probiotic supplement can easily make one of the best gifts for pets. Proven to promote intestinal health and balance as well as a healthy immune system, FortiFlora keeps unwanted gas and upset stomachs at bay to promote only the best dog nutrition for your four-legged family members. It’s easy to feed—simply sprinkle over his food for him to eat up the benefits.

9. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy 

Encourage hours of bouncing fun and entertaining play with this two-in-one ball. The interior tennis ball and loud squeaking noise entice play, while the handles make pickup and shaking easy. Your pup will enjoy the unpredictable paths this ball takes as play with in the yard or at the park.

10. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: PureBites Chicken Breast Cat Treats 

We bet that if you ask your pal, a pet can never get enough treats! So treat smart with a gently freeze-dried, single-source protein snack. With flavors like Chicken Breast and Chicken Breast & Duck, your pet can enjoy all the good nutrients that would have been lost in the cooking process. And because they didn’t require any oil, butter or other condiments for cooking, Orijen Singles make for a much better alternative to your holiday table dinner scraps.

11. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dino Dog Toy 

While you chow down at your holiday dinner table, give him something to chomp on too. This dinosaur-shaped dog chew toy has raised, rounded nubs that help clean teeth, and it features a clean scent that can help freshen breath—making this not only one of the great pet gifts for him, but for you too!

12. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts with Real Chicken Dog Treats

These treats are made in the USA with 100% real chicken. These tender jerky treats contain no corn, wheat or soy; no animal by-products; and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

13. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: ChuckIt! Ultra Rubber Ball 

Give the pet gift with the promise of hours and hours of playtime. Designed specifically for the game of fetch, this ball is made of natural rubber so that it floats and is easy to clean.

14. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Drinkwell 360 stainless Steel Pet Fountain 

Keep his water fresh and flowing with this one-gallon pet water fountain. It’s designed to increase your dog’s drive to drink by mirroring a natural water source instead of a stagnant bowl. The stainless steel construction resists bacteria and makes cleanup simple, plus it’s dishwasher safe!

15. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Zuke’s PureNZ Cords Recipe Dog Treats 

These jerky cords are bursting with flavor, including New Zealand Beef & Chicken and New Zealand Beef and Duck recipe varieties. Handcrafted in New Zealand in small batches, they are naturally preserved without nitrites or nitrates and are grain- and gluten-free.

16. Holiday Gifts for Dogs: Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Pet Bed 

Treat your dog to the comfort he deserves with one of the pet gifts he’ll be sure to love: a raised dog bed. He’ll stay cool, comfortable and clean as he keeps an eye on everything around him. Its lightweight, removable fabric is made out of a high-density polyethylene fabric that is breathable to help eliminate the chance of hot spots.

The best holidays gifts for dogs should inspire and encourage everyday play, health and comfort. Make your pet’s day by treating him to something especially for him, but keep him happy by showing him love and spending time with him all year long.

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