These Flower-Shaped Cranberry Cookies for Cats Are Perfect for Spring

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These Flower-Shaped Cranberry Cookies for Cats Are Perfect for Spring

This spring, flowers will be blooming in more than just your backyard garden. With this cat-friendly, flower-shaped cranberry cookie treat, they'll be "blooming" in your kitchen, too.

Requiring just five ingredients and silicone flower molds (along with a few other simple supplies), these cranberry cookies might just be too pretty to eat. (Ha! Not really.) So, don on your prettiest floral-print, pastel-hued apron, and let's get baking.

Cranberry Cookies for Cats

6 treats, 12 servings

Serving size:
1/2 treat

Prep time:
25 minutes

Cook time:
60 minutes


Large mixing bowl

Small mixing bowl


Measuring cup

Silicone flower molds 


1 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2 In the large mixing bowl, combine the finely ground dry food with the wet food.


3 Gradually add in ¾ cup unsweetened cranberry juice, and mix well.


4 Spoon and press the mixture into the silicone flower mold.


5 Bake for 60 minutes.

6Remove your homemade cat treats from oven and allow to cool

7Fill ¼ of your measuring cup with Greek yogurt, and slowly pour in enough cranberry juice for the mixture to reach the 1/3 cup measurement mark.


8Add the mixture into the small mixing bowl and stir.

9Dip the tops of the cooled homemade cat treats into the mixture to create a glaze.


10Mist each cranberry flower DIY treat with 1 spritz of the KONG Naturals Catnip Spray.


11Serve to your purr-fect and playful kitty.

Treat your kitty to these yummy cranberry-flavored cookies. They're sure to make spring their favorite time of year (and yours, too!).
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