Pet Vaccines: Vet Expert Q and A

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Pet vaccines vet Q and A

Pet Vaccines: Vet Expert Q and A

As a pet parent, you want to make sure you are providing your dog or cat with the best possible care. Pet vaccines, for things like rabies and distemper, are an important part of preventative healthcare.

We tapped Dr. Taylor Marchman, DVM, from Westlake Animal Hospital in Austin, Texas, to answer your most pressing questions about pet vaccines, including which shots are essential and how often they’re needed.

What are pet vaccinations, and why are they important?

Vaccines are injections that help prevent disease. They prevent diseases, such as viral diseases and some bacterial diseases. They are very important for your pet’s health.

What shots does your dog need every year?

Depending on where your pet is in their vaccine rotational cycle, it’s very important that they stay up to date on vaccines such as rabies, distemper, parvo and Bordetella. Depending on their lifestyle or where they live, other vaccines they may need are Lyme, leptospirosis or influenza.

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Do you know what shots your cat needs every year?

Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, whether they’re indoor or outdoor, they’ll need vaccinations such as rabies vaccination, feline upper respiratory vaccination and feline leukemia vaccine.

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How often do dogs need rabies shots?

Depending on your county and state laws, rabies vaccination frequency can vary. Typically, they would get one at 3 months of age as a puppy, a year, and then they’d go about every 3 years.

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Do indoor and outdoor cats need different vaccinations?

Depending on your cat’s lifestyle, they may need different vaccinations. All of our kitties need rabies and feline upper respiratory vaccinations. Now, if they go outside, or come in contact with a kitty that goes in and out, they may need an additional vaccine of feline leukemia.

Pet vaccines prevent many illnesses that can harm your dog or cat. With this knowledge, you and your own veterinarian can work together to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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