Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Farewell to His Beloved Dog Woody

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Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Farewell to His Beloved Dog Woody

Tom Hardy may be known best on-screen for his stoic work in films like “Mad Max: Fury Road,” “The Revenant,” and “Inception,” but it’s his off-screen part as a big-hearted and devoted dog dad that’s truly won over so many fans.

In an emotional post on Tumblr, Hardy announced the passing of his beloved Labrador-mix named Woodstock Yamaduki—a.k.a. Woody. According to, the 6-year-old dog died after suffering from polymyositis, an inflammatory muscle disorder.

Hardy’s relationship with Woody was something the actor talked about in countless interviews. Hardy even brought his best friend—who was adopted as a stray in 2011—along to walk the red carpet.

In the online remembrance, Hardy recalls first seeing the pup, then 11-weeks-old, running across a highway in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was filming a movie. He shares how scary it was trying to get the dog out of harm’s way and to a safe haven.

Hardy says he’ll “never forget that night” when Woody went from being “almost dead” and “terrified” to taking a power nap in the actor’s car. In no time, Woody was playfully strutting his way to the pet store, where Hardy bought him everything he needed to start a new life.

Throughout the touching tribute, Hardy shares Woody’s amazing journey and describes him as his best friend. “We went through so much together,” he recalls.

Hardy concludes the sob-worthy entry with, “Thank you Woody for choosing to find us. We will love you and be with you and you with us forever…With all of me, I love you. Always. Thank you for your love, beautiful boy.”

In case that didn’t make you cry enough, the actor also posted a video slideshow of photos of Woody and his adoring family.

Rest in peace, dear Woody.

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