Litter of Kittens Discarded in Bin Are Now Thriving and Healthy

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Litter of Kittens Discarded in Bin Are Now Thriving and Healthy

Imagine the extreme heat on a summer’s day in July in Florida. Now, imagine being stuck in a sealed tote used for shipping in those 100-degree temperatures.

That’s how Karen Morgan, director of the Southeast Volusia Humane Society in New Smyrna Beach, Florida describes the unthinkable torture that nine kittens, who were dropped off at her shelter in a plastic bin, endured.

In mid-July, Morgan was at the shelter when a shipping crate was dropped off at her facility, and noticed a small head popping out. Inside she found nine kittens, all suffocating from heat exhaustion due the stifling conditions inside the box.

“[The] staff went into emergency mode working to rehydrate the kittens and slowly bring their body temps down,” Morgan says.

Morgan says that several of the black-and-white-colored (also known as tuxedo)  kittens were panting, while others were completely motionless.

Thankfully, after cooling the kittens down with a wet towel and administering fluids, they began to respond, Morgan says.

Named, fittingly, the Tuxedo 9, this group of strong and determined felines all survived their harrowing ordeal.

Since their rescue, the weeks-old kittens have been placed into foster homes for one-on-one care and will soon be available for adoption.

Despite the horrors they faced so early in their young lives, the Tuxedo 9 will make incredible pets for someone who truly loves and cares for them.

“The ordeal has not taken way their sweet, loving, playful spirits,” Morgan says.

Image via Southeast Volusia Humane Society

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: