Dog Who Tragically Lost Her Puppies Gets a Second Chance at Motherhood

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Dog Who Tragically Lost Her Puppies Gets a Second Chance at Motherhood

A story that began with great heartache and loss became one of hope and redemption for a dog, a litter of puppies and the humans in their lives who love and care for them.

In late February, a dog named Daisy tragically lost all seven of her puppies to a barn fire at her family’s home in Roseburg, Oregon.

The story made local news, which reported that Daisy’s family —including her owner, Jessica Woodruff—was desperate to get the devastated dog a litter of puppies (or even kittens) to care for and help mend her heart.

Woodruff’s sister, Jacque Barnett, took action, posting a message on a local Facebook page: “Any help is appreciated … Mama dog [Daisy] is just heartbroken. We are trying to find her some foster puppies. We have reached out to local vets and shelters with no luck …Thank you all so much!”

As fate would have it, a family who endured their own recent tragedy would help both their families and their dogs begin to heal.

According to People, Lorna Murphy of Scottsburg, Oregon lost her beloved dog, Chloe, while she was giving birth to her eight puppies.

While Murphy and her kin helped take care of Chloe’s newborn pups, they eventually came across the story of Daisy. People reports that on Feb. 24, Murphy introduced Chloe’s puppies to Daisy. The pups immediately took to Daisy and were “so happy to have mama milk.”

The puppies will stay with their foster mama until they are old enough to wean (around six weeks). Murphy plans to keep one of the puppies to have a part of Chloe in her life. “Daisy has been an answer to my prayers,” she told People.

In the meantime, Daisy is happily taking on her role as foster mom. Woodruff told that before Chloe’s pups came into her life, Daisy would wander their property looking for her lost litter. But since the arrival of her foster babies, she’s been happy again.

“It was so amazing to see the change,” she told the website. “She had purpose again. She laid down to feed them, cleaned them and even protects them. Without a doubt, these foster pups have helped her. We have our Daisy dog back.”

Daisy’s family is keeping fans and well-wishers updated on her very own Facebook page, which includes photos of the dog and the puppies, as well as status updates about their progress.

In a March 2 update, the Facebook page included a message about how the puppies are doing in the weaning process, as well as how Daisy is thriving as a surrogate mom. They conclude with the message that says it all: “We are truly happy with this blessing.”

Image via Daisy Woodruff Facebook 

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