Cat Crashes Nativity, Makes for a Hilarious Holiday Scene

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Cat Crashes Nativity, Makes for a Hilarious Holiday Scene

Photographer Brooke Goldman recently came across a truly blessed sight while walking through her neighborhood in Queens, New York: a cat hanging out in a nativity scene, occupying the spot typically held for the baby Jesus.

Goldman, who says she noticed the hilarious scene right away, knew she had to snap a picture of the moment.

Goldman says the feline definitely noticed her while he was lounging away in a manger.

“He was staring at me directly, as you can see in the photos,” she says. “He seemed like an old grumpy stoop cat, which gave him a lot of character in my opinion.”

After her interaction with the scene stealer, Goldman—who says she often takes pictures of animals in her day-to-day life, adding that they make the best subjects—posted the pictures a Catspotting Facebook group.

The hilarious pics were a hit on the social media site and Goldman’s awesome holiday moment quickly went viral, with the image popping up all over the internet and even getting on “Good Morning America.”

The photographer says she can’t believe how big the story has gotten, but she’s getting a kick out of this unfolding much more than the star cat in focus. “I am still laughing about the whole situation,” she says.

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: