Ailing Senior Feral Cat Finds Comfort in Kittens

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Ailing Senior Feral Cat Finds Comfort in Kittens

Mason, a senior, feral cat was brought to the non-profit rescue group TinyKittens in British Columbia to live out the rest of his life in care and comfort.

The long-suffering feline—who has terminal kidney disease, among other ailments—was not socialized during his life on the streets. Although his health thrived, Mason did not like humans petting him.

But Mason’s story took an unexpected and heartwarming turn when a group of foster kittens came into the picture.

The once-independent, standoffish cat became an open-hearted softie to his new, small friends.

The folks at TinyKittens (who are sharing Mason’s journey on YouTube and Facebook) are blown away by the former feral cat’s transformation. Mason is now so sweet and affectionate that the group refers to him as “a marshmallow.”

Due to his former life on the street, Grandpa Mason won’t be able to live as a normal “domesticated” cat, according to TinyKittens. That means he won’t be able to be adopted out with his little companions. But for the time being, he’s enjoying their company.

Not only is Mason getting to live the rest of his life off the streets, but he’s getting to do it with some awfully cute kittens by his side.

As TinyKittens put it: “We’re so happy he can still experience love and companionship on his terms, while he gets the medical care he needs to keep him comfortable.”

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By: Chewy EditorialUpdated: