Adventurous Cat Goes Sledding With His Human

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Adventurous Cat Goes Sledding With His Human

Since their cats were 10-weeks-old, Washington-based photographer Jesse Smith and his wife Ashley have been taking their fearless felines Weston and Ellinore on adventures.

Joining their mom and dad for hikes, Weston and Ellinore have their amazing outdoor journeys documented on their very own Facebook page called, aptly: Weston and Ellinore Adventure Cats.

Most recently, Weston—now 5-months-old—went sledding down a hill in the snow with his dad—a video that captured a lot of attention online. In fact, almost two million people have watched the clip, in which Weston, perched on Smith’s back goes for a wintery ride.

“We’ve taken Weston, and his sister, Ellinore, out sledding once before,” Smith tells PawCulture. “Both of them are very cool with it.”

Both kitty and human seem to have a carefree, comfortable ride. “He usually braces with his claws to an extent, but nothing unbearable or uncomfortable for me.  I also try to make sure whatever coat I’m wearing will be easy for him to gain traction on in those rough patches on the slopes,” he explains.

Smith assures that his kitties’ safety and health is his number one priority.

“We’re always a very short distance from the comfort of a warm car, and take frequent breaks. Also, both of our adventure cats have their own coats for added protection from the elements,” he says. “During those long hikes in the snow, we’ve trained them to get comfortable in our backpacks, where there’s always a warm blanket on top to curl up in.”

In fact, Smith hopes that any inspired pet parents take the proper precautions if they are thinking about taking their cats out for some safe winter fun.

“These cats are like children, so it’s important to be knowledgeable on the health and well being of your fur babies,” Smith urges. “Ask your vet about proper first aid for your animal, know what they can and can’t eat in the wilderness, keep them close as predators are not only on the ground, but also in the sky.”

Smith also recommends seeing if your cat is up for outdoor excursions when they are on the younger side. “Your elderly cat probably won’t take kindly to a harness if it’s never worn one before.”

Whether you have cats like Weston and Ellinore, or you simply enjoy watching these fierce felines, Smith promises there’s more adventures in store.

“We appreciate all the new followers and the awesome comments people have been leaving for us,” he says. “We also want to give kayaking, and overnight backpack adventures [a try].”

Aly Semigran is a lifestyle writer for the world, and roommate of Ruby, the cutest dog in the world.




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