ChewbaccaTM, EwokTM or Dog? 18 Pups Who Look Like Star WarsTM Characters

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ChewbaccaTM, EwokTM or Dog? 18 Pups Who Look Like Star WarsTM Characters

The Star Wars universe is filled with monsters that range from nightmare inducing to cuddle worthy, and many that look like the four-legged friends who sleep next to us at night. This character roll call proves that our dogs are the ultimate Star Wars inspiration:

Dog with lightsaber

Foxy has lightsaber in paw, ready to defeat the dark side while looking pretty darn adorable.

Credit: @Ms.Hanna.barbera

Jabba the pug

“Han, mabookie …” Jabba the Pug honors his Tatooine namesake in pose and attitude.

Credit: @kriszta_w

Princess Leia dog

Go on, say it. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” Cookie channels Princess Leia like a professional cosplayer.

Credit: @goldencookiethedog

Dogs in a bathtub

What’s this? An Ewok and a Wookiee getting chummy in the tub?

Credit: @affenandthegriffs

Vader French Bulldog

No, a dog named “Vader” doesn’t have to be black. Vader the Frenchie shows the truth beneath the mask.

Credit: @obinvader

Obi Wan French Bulldog

Vader’s brother, Obi-Wan the Frenchie, tries to keep the household on the light side of the force.

Credit: @obinvader2

Dog Ewok

Does Monty look like Morroff without a mask? Or perhaps an Ewok? He definitely has Greedo’s eyes. Let’s just agree that he’s cuter than anything George Lucas could dream up.

Credit: @kingmontymouse

Dog with BB8 toy

Oh no, a Battle Droid has captured BB-8!

Credit: @paulbosworth

Wookiee dog

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wookiee.” Um, yes please.

Credit: @pennythetzu_112

Pug on bed

“Never give up, and good luck will find you.” Wait a sec … wrong movie.

Credit: @mistercornelius

White Ewok dog

Spotted! The rare albino Ewok.

Credit: @runsonpaws

Dog with red lightsaber

Red light saber. Don’t let that adorable face fool you, Javi is fighting for the Dark Side.

Credit: @javithedoxie

Sleeping Jabba Pug

Shhh, Jabba’s sleeping. Make a break for it, Leia!


Dog with blanket over head

“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic … before the dark times … before the empire.”

Credit: @dunkandpup

Dog looking like Star Wars character

Dudley has mastered pitiful Porg-face.

Credit: @rain_trooper

Dog looks like Ewok

Adorable Mila doesn’t need to costume to cosplay an Ewok. She lives it every day.

Credit: @itsallaboutmila

Brown dog looking like Ewok

“Well, short help is better than no help at all.” Ziggy the Ewok resents your size discrimination, Han.

Credit: @mrziggles2010

Dog with Yoda dog toy

“Fetch or fetch not. There is no try.”

Credit: @Busterbeanrhymes

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